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Prophecy given to Carolyn Sissom by: Marvin Barham 12/12/15


“In my Bible reading this morning, I thought of you.  Consider the identity shift when Christ rose on the third day.  Jonah was spit out on the third day.  Paul regains his sight on the third day.  Each was a shift in identity.  Each from a seed that separates it’s own kind.  I believe this speaks of where the church is headed.  Verse 14, “and let them be a sign and for season!”  Your greatest season is ahead of you as your identiy of assignment shifts into a new fulfillment! Be blessed!” (End of Prophecy given by Marvin Barham).


We who are prophetic know  for the past two years, the Lord has been bringing the “frontline” of His Church through the painful process of “transmutation”.  When the Lord brings changes to our lives, we have to accelerate and move with Him, or we “miss Him”. 


I quote Donald J. Trump, the front-runner is the one who is attacked and takes the hits.  We must watch the “signs of the times”.  D.J.M. said recently, “this is a movement”.  I am by no means saying that Donald J. Trump is the leader of a movement of the Holy Spirit; but he is a “sign of the times”, as we see people “arise from their slumber and apathy” to take back our nation.


I believe the “front-line” of the present transmutation of the church will also become a movement of turning the heart of our nation and the nations of the world back to Jesus Christ.


Carolyn Sissom, Pastor

Eastgate Ministries Church

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