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NEHEMIAH – The Twelve Prophetic Gates


February 23, 2016, the Year of Our Lord

Tuesday Morning Bible Study

Pastor Carolyn Sissom


The Twelve gates of Nehemiah are a prophetic principle of the Lord’s chosen and anointed ministries and people standing shoulder to shoulder in Unity of the Spirit and the Bond of Peace declaring the Word of the Lord and revealing the glory of Jesus Christ to the world.  The twelve gates = twelve experiences which do progressively unfold from Christ (the divine) nature from within each one of us.


When churches and ministries are in competition, false judgments, vain-glory, pre-eminence, selfish ambition, and vanity of religion, then our walls are broken down.


The city = a people = the abode for the fullness of God = Body of Christ = the Lamb’s wife = the Church in Glory and perfection.  Carolyn teach New Jerusalem as purity.”


Toni Jolene Clay beautifully used the metaphor that the “wall of Nehemiah” represents the “Knowledge of God” which has been broken down in our families, churches and nation.  Prayer is no longer allowed in our schools.  The Holy Bible is not read in the public square.  We have a generation who has no knowledge of the ways and WORD of God.


“Wall” = the immunity of His name; hedge and perfect protection from all enemies = His nature = Knowledge and Knowing God.  Wall = hedge= protection of His Presence and Nature = no enemy = no foothold or basis for the enemy to work.


As it is in the Spirit, so it is in the natural.  The borders of our nation are broken down.  The moral boundaries regarding families, churches, and people are broken down.


All twelve prophetic experiences are costly. 


To restore the wall and gates in Nehemiah’s day, there were priests and their people, rulers and their officers, merchants and their men, fathers and their families, apothecaries and goldsmiths, i.e.  people from every walk of life.  Some built walls, some towers, while others made gates, beams, bars, locks, doors, etc.  Some gave money, some labor, others took oversight, but there was a work for all and a place for everyone.


Their names and the gates are prophetic of the work of the Kingdom of God in each believer.  


Revelation 21:12: “And had a wall great and high, and had twelve gates, and at the gates twelve angels, and names written thereon, which are the names of the twelve tribes of the children of Israel.”


We again see the principle of the importance of the purity of the exiles who returned under Ezra and Nehemiah to rebuild the Temple, Wall and Gates.


One of the key statements in Chapter 3 is “And next unto them – Each man had his place.  God is a God of order.  Each worked in harmony with his neighbor to his right and to his left; otherwise, a breach in the wall would allow the enemy to enter.


3:12: “He and his daughters”: - Women were part of rebuilding the Wall!

3:27: “After them the Tekoites repaired another piece”: - No one lays down his tools until the whole task is complete.

3:28: “Everyone against his house.”  We must begin with ourselves.  We cannot get the moat out of our brother’s eye when we have a beam in our eye.  We cannot preach the gospel if we cannot live the gospel in our own family.  We must be able to minister in the neighborhood or community where we live and where we are known.

3:5: “Their nobles did not put their necks to the work of the Lord.” 


There were 42 work groups working on the whole perimeter of the wall.  This is the principle of a full cycle of restoration.  The mind is renewed and transformed once the wall is completely repaired.  The twelve gates restored reveal a balanced divine order.  (Twelve is a governmental, kingdom number).


This reveals the principle of the UNITY OF THE BODY OF CHRIST.  Believers are God’s chosen people who are placed in a local Church to have their minds renewed by His Word.  Another quote from Toni Jolene Clay that should be noted that we should never shun anyone because their light might not shine as bright as our light.  


A true local church and each member is a living stone.  Each stone that is out of place brings a reproach because it gives the enemy access through a hole in the wall to oppress the people.  Whenever one member is oppressed, the body needs to collectively put the enemy out.  The job could not be completed in segments – it took all of them!  Thus are revealed the principles of interrelationship and mutual submission (including good manners, protection, consideration, respect, sensitivity, sensibility).  We are members one of another. 


Each gate and each name have a prophetic NOW meaning to the Gospel Church.  Each of the Lord’s ministries is intertwined together to prophetically fulfill His Kingdom purposes in each of our lives, each church, Para-church, and nations of the earth.


      Neh. 3:1-2:  THE SHEEP GATE – The sheep for temple sacrifice were brought

      in here.  This is the principle of CONVERSION.  The men of Jericho (fragrance)

      assisted along with Zaccur (remembered).  This gate was the Alpha and the

     Omega of the wall!  Everything will begin and end with the High Priest (Jesus

     Christ), One sacrifice for ever. 


We enter the door and become part of His flock.  This gate includes divine healing.  It was near Bethesda (house of Mercy).  There were no locks or bars on this gate:  the mercy of God is ever available to us.


3:3-5:     THE FISH GATE - The principle of Evangelism, Outreach, Soul Winning.  This is fishing for men with a world-wide vision.  The merchants from Tyre probably brought fish to sell at the market nearby.  But their nobles put not their necks (their will) to work of their Lord.”  They did not want to do the work of an Evangelist, for they were double-minded.  Like some today who despise the day of small things, these wanted to build in another part of the wall.


3:6-12:  THE OLD GATE - The principle of Restoration of foundational Truths.  This was possibly the Corner Gate of Jer. 31:38.  God has been bringing back truth after truth since Luther.  It means laying down our pre-conceived traditional (often religious) mind sets and receiving the Mind of Christ. 


3:13:     THE VALLEY GATE - The principle of humility, basement and brokenness.  This is the secret of promotion. The Mind of Christ is the mind of humility.  Suffering with Him is a vital part of our son ship.


3:14:     THE DUNG GATE – The principle of separation and circumcision.  The waste and refuse was removed from Jerusalem.  Leave the dunghill.  These areas of deliverance are personal.  No one wanted this gate.


3:15-25: THE FOUNTAIN GATE – The principle of cleansing and purification.  This was near the pool of Siloam.  This is the principle of the laver in the Tabernacle of Moses.  This gate was repaired by a variety of people.


3:26-27: THE WATER GATE – The principle of God’s WORD or TRUMPETS (a place of a clear word).  This includes submitting to seasoned ministry.  The Nethinims (Ezra 2:43) dwelt near the Water Gate toward the east.  The work of the Nethinims was to carry wood and water for the temple.  It appears the servant heart of the Nathinims kept the Water Gate in good repair.   This gate was named for its proximity to the Spring of Gihon (breaking forth).  The Bible actually gives no indication or need of repairing this seventh gate.   Ps. 118:89: “Forever Lord, your word is settled in heaven.”


3:28-29: THE HORSE GATE – The principle of Overcoming and Spiritual warfare.  The warhorse!  “He that overcomes” (Rev. 2-3).  Those who overcome have no dealings with the Harlot.  From above the horse gate repaired the priests, every one over against his house.  After them repaired Zadok (righteous), the son of Immer over against his house.”


3:29-30: THE EAST GATE - To emphasize that each of us are prophetically positioned by the Lord for his Kingdom purposes.  The Lord named us The East Gate.  This is the principle of newness of life, glory and power.  The Glory of the Lord again fills the Temple!  The principle of the praise and worship in a new day!  Judah camped on the EAST!  The rising of the sun in victory as the glory of the Lord covers the earth!  Possibly the golden gate, an entrance to the Temple area from the Mount of Olives.  After him repaired Shemaiah (heard of Jah) the son of Shechanian, (dwelling of Jehovah) the keeper of the East Gate.  After him repaired Hananiah (Jah’s grace), the son of Shelemiah (Jah’s peace), and Hanun (favored) the sixth son of Zalaph (beautified).  After him repaired Meshullam (reconciled), the son of Berechiah (Jah blesses).


(Recap of the leaders who repaired the East Gate):

  1. Heard of Jah.
  2. Dwelling of Jehovah.
  3. Jah’s grace
  4. Jah’s peace
  5. Favored
  6. Beautified
  7. Reconciled
  8. Jah blesses.



3:31-32: THE MIPHKAD GATE – The principle of judgment and reward.  The Hebrew word “Miphqad” means “assignment; an appointment, mandate, a designated spot, censes; appointed place, commander, number; to visit; to oversee, muster, charge, care for, miss, deposit.”  This was possibly the Benjamin Gate.  We could consider the open reward of Matthew 6:4. “That your alms may be in secret; and your Father which sees in secret Himself shall reward you openly.”

Mt. 6:6: “When you pray, enter into your closet, and when you have shut your door, pray to your Father which is in secret; and your Father which sees in secret shall reward you openly.”

Mt. 6:17-18: “When you fast, anoint your head, and wash your face; that you appear not to men to fast, but to your Father which is in secret and your Father, which sees in secret shall reward you openly.”

Running the race and the victor’s crown could also apply.  Apparently this was the Gate of registry.  Thus the principle of judgment in the Gate (Throne).  It was located in the north east corner of the city.  After him repaired Malchia (my king is Jehovah) the goldsmith’s son unto the place of the Nethinims and of the merchants, over against the gate Miphkad, and to the going up of the corner (principle of cornerstone).  And between the going up of the corner unto the Sheep Gate (high Priest) repaired the goldsmiths and the merchants.”

This is that place in the Lord where we are ruling and reigning with Jesus Christ.


8:16: THE EPHRAIM GATE – The principle of fruitfulness and double portion.  This is partaking of His Divine Nature.  The Father-Son principle of reproduction applies here.  The people made booths during Feast of Tabernacles in the courts of the Temple and in the street of the gates (Water Gate and Ephraim Gate). 


12:29:   THE PRISON GATE – The principle of full commitment and rest.  This is the principle of our being the prisoners (“Doulos”) of the Lord.  Love slaves unto death.  The principle of the son (pictured in Joseph) coming out of prison to reign.


Each gate = another progressive step of coming down and descending into the visible realm.  Each gate = pearl – pain and Great price – that which is costly = fellowship of His sufferings.  Not, just one experience but many.  The gradual loss of the Old creation man and the gradual increase of the New man in the image of Jesus (Phil 3: 7-11).


As I taught each one of the gates, I found myself identifying  my own spiritual journey as I have walked and lived as a Christian.  I thank God for each brokenness, humiliation, rejection, persecution, attack and life battle.  Through each battle, more of Christ was deposited in me as I refused to compromise and held on to the Lord.  Thank you Lord for the journey.





1. REUBEN   GATE –    “Behold a son”                                 New Birth, Conversion

2. SIMEON     GATE –  “hearing and accepting”                Holy Ghost Baptism

3.  LEVI         GATE     “union, twined and joined”          SPIRITUAL Ministry (gifts)

4.  JUDAH     GATE     “praise, worship”                           Praise (From within)

5.  ZEBULUN GATE –   “habitation, dwelling                       Body life (identification)

6.  ISSACHAR GATE –  "reward, hire "                                 Cannot be bought

7.   DAN            GATE –   "judge, umpire"                              Righteous judgment

8.  GAD          GATE    -   “troop, army, band”                       Predestination

9.  ASHER      GATE   –   “happy, blessed”                          Content in all Circumstances

10. Naphtali     GATE –  “obtained by wrestling”              Overcoming - prevailing

11. JOSEPH     GATE -   “let him add”                                  Preserver of life

12.  BENJAMIN GATE –“son of the right hand”                Adoption – sit in throne


Each of the twelve gates is a manifestation of the nature of God in each one of us kicking hard to be birthed from within.  Each is an experience and an expression of his nature.


I have a teaching on the website of the Twelve Gates of Pearl and the Blessings of the House of Jacob (The Twelve Stones).  You can see why I would have studied the gates since the Lord named us The East Gate.  I am not presumptuous enough to believe we are the only East Gate.  But I do know the same Presence the Lord that we had in 1989 when the Lord spoke that to me is still with us Sunday after Sunday.  I am very grateful because we have been through many battles, trials, tribulations, and attacks.  The Lord’s grace has sustained us these many years.  His Holy Presence is the desire of my life. 


Carolyn Sissom, Pastor

Eastgate Ministries Church

I entered into the labors of Kelly Varner – principles of present truth of Nehemiah; and the Twelve Gates of the City.  Comments and conclusions are my own and not meant to reflect the views of Rev. Varner.
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