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Thanks Carolyn,
I have been at the church everyday from 5:30 a.m. until.  The Lord has called me to a time of prayer. It has been a challenge to say the least but very fruitful.  I could tell a difference this week in the Anointing.  My mind was clearer.  Sometimes we can become so busy  our minds become sluggish.  I feel so refreshed in my Spirit.

Carolyn this is what I want to ask you. I know you have heard of Fuccia Pickette .  I may not  be spelling her name right but she had a vision back 30 years before she died and wrote it in her book "The Next Move of God " I have it packed away somewhere. If I can't find it,  I am going to order it because the Holy Spirittold me. “What the Lord has shown her has been released in the earth”.  She died last year. She was on Benny Hinn’s show before she died and they talked about the vision. It was awesome to say the least. You need to read it if you haven't already
.  But what I want to say is the Lord showed me this past week in prayer that your church  was about to explode in Revival fire.   Carolyn what God has been doing at little white church has been awesome up to now, but that is not it.  There is a Greater Glory, about to be released on that house. That place has been marked for the Latter Rain Glory and Outpouring.  The Lord said that he has positioned you for purpose in the Houston area. A release of fresh fire is on its way:  Mighty signs, wonders and miracles ,not just miracles but creative Miracles .He is about to release the Eagle anointing on you, now I don't understand all that but I do know that an Eagle refuses to eat food over three days old WOW !!! That is prophetic. On the fourth day comes fresh revelation !!! Fresh food

 I am getting ready to leave for Canada for a 5- day Healing Explosion on Monday . Please keep me in your prayers. The Holy Spirit is about  to ignite Canada with an Awesome Revival. That is what I am hearing the Lord say. I am praying that it will start while I am there.
Apostle Pat Lee
Greater Works Fellowship

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