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I received an awsome word tonight Print E-mail

I received an awsome word tonight at prayer concerning the conference,

Carolyn this is going to be the best conference ,yet  very different,The Lord is taking you and these meetings from Glory to Glory to Glorrrrrrrrrrrrry!!! The Glory of God is going to fill the tent of meetings.The Word of the Lord is going to be Powerful as the Spirit Of Prophecy and Revelation will be released in that place ,The word of the Lord that has been shut up in the Prophets of Gods belly is about to be released not only to Katy Texas but to the Nations, and I have ordained these meetings ,yeh I have put in the mouths of my Prophets the Words that they were to speak,as I did Ezekiel for his day, and  future and my word  will come forth  in that place sayeth the Lord !! I keep getting Ezekiel 2:7 Where the Lord told Ezekiel to speak what he gives him "Wheather they listen or not ,he must delivor the word of the Lord !!"

I believe that is where we are right now as Pastors, we better obey God and delivor the word of the Lord  and not worry about what men will say or think..At least that is where I am .We are among a rebellious people today !!!

There has been gathering Angels released to work on bringing people from the east ,west, north ,and south,to this tent of metings I seen that in my Spirit .I believe there will be people that has never been to you conferences  there this year.

I received an email from a brother from the Gulf coast area,who attends our conferences here and he received my email about your conference and he is driving in with us on Fri. and my friend Carol Reed is flying in Fri. also and my daughter and her family is leaving Wens. and they will be there along with my sister and her family.


Looking forward to seeing you Fri.


Pat Lee

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