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I am so pleased!!!

I've done so many messages on "The Roses", God is awesome....we are  the

Roses of Sharon, not The Rose of Sharon, we are to immanate Him in every

characteristic of the, fragrance, seasons, thorns,

roots, tree roses, bushes, vines, baby roses, bare root

roses,etc..etc...and they don't come male or female, they are like the

Church of the Living God, always changing...and sometimes even the

poppuri is a remembrance of a wonderful encounter with Him....a dried

rose  between the pages, is a rhema word from Him, and ministers to

whatever season we are in.....

  I'm so happy about the good reports of the wonderful meetings you have

been having, especially in the big white tent!!

        I've taken a little sabbatical, but I think it is about to


Health is restored and God is speaking to my quiet heart.......

Love Pastor Donna Bartram

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