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This Sunday promises to be another fabulous day of ministry at The Little White Church.  They have earned the mark of excellence for having powerful teaching and life changing worship over and over again.  We've come to expect the hand of The Lord to be upon each service and His Shekinah Glory to fall on and touch each person present.  The welcoming of The Holy Spirit in the services by this precious little group of worshippers is nothing short of supernatural and beyond effectual in stirring the atmosphere in The Spirit Realm.  God surely is well pleased and smiling down upon LWC as He views the beauty of His handiwork made manifest in the lovely roses blooming all around the church, the new white paint on the old wood, all things glistening in the sunlit pasture, the rain soaked green grass abounding with freshness of life..a pristine picture of spiritual prosperity abiding under the steeple-topped Cross of Jesus..a true church for all who come seeking to worship and to reverence their Heavenly be loved, healed, fed and made whole.


Bobby Conner, John Mark and Sandy Poole are well known, outstanding ministers and will surely bring strong messages; but they likely will be the blessed and privileged ones to be in this House of The Lord on Sunday..a treasured jewel in His Crown.  Come and tabernacle in worship with these favored, humble servants of The Most High God.


Blessings and Love,

Joann Berglund
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