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I only wish I lived closer.  The presence of the Lord in Church this morning was awesome and so wonderful.  He amazes me.  Your message was very timely.  The Body definitely needs to know how to walk out our committment to the Lord.  

He has put a burden on me again for women's issues.  A number of years ago I beat this drum and it pretty much fell on deaf ears.  This season has changed and the Church seems a little more ready for responsibility.  I am attaching a brochure on a home for women in crisis.  I hope that the Lord will show us ways to teach women to be business women and people of influence.  We may come to hear you by the van load.  Many women need to see and hear a real woman of God in action.


You prophecied to me at New Years that it was time (past time) to start a Church.  Well it is called Acts2 and we meet on Sunday nights at my house.  There are about 12 right now and growing.  We have been meeting and seeking God through worship for about 6 weeks.  Your inspiration was the catalyst that I needed.  We are closing the men's ministry as I have never found proper leadership for it.  The house can be used for the women's resource center and living facility.  It is 3000 sq. ft.  I am entering the process of fund raising for it so that we won't have the monthly bills that I have battled with for years.  This time we are going to raise the budget before we house anyone.  


Talk to you soon,

Myra Cross. Pastor

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