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There’s too much to write and I’m sure I’ve forgotten quite a bit of it, but I just have to tell you about something that happened last week.  The Lord told me that things were going to be moving fast in my life if I was obedient.  He directed me to begin listening to the audios and visuals from Eastgate Ministries while I was at work.  I was obedient. 


This is actually funny, but I was listening to one of your sermons, of which I thought I been in attendance; but after hearing it again, I began to wonder if I heard any of it!  I heard the exact message that I gave for my last 10-minute talk (My revelation, specifically for me!  Ha!) delivered in Pastor Carolyn’s way.  But, what was even funnier was that an anointing started to fall on me at work.  I was wondering what would happen if I fell out at work!  As I was trying to stay upright in my chair, marveling that the Holy Spirit would show up here, and contemplating the outcome of my posture, you paused in your message and had to deal with the Holy Spirit falling on you!  It happened exactly at the same point in your message! 


Apparently there is an anointing attached to the message.  There is also, apparently, no less an anointing hearing your message via streaming, as opposed to being at LWC!


I just had to share that.  Today, He has me doing the same.  Though I may consider bringing seatbelts to keep me in my office chair!  LOL!  Especially after this past Sunday when the Holy Spirit put everyone out! 

Bonnie Lugo

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