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Dear Pastor Carolyn,




A Word of Prophecy by the Holy Spirit for you that I received a couple of months ago:

"You are Mine, I am yours, together, I have seen your faithfulness to me, We are able to overcome anything that life throws at you! I already know that you are victorious, & you need to know that you are! You are victorious, glorious, redeemed & highly esteemed by the Father, Son, & Holy Spirit! You are a fellow-citizen with the Saints in Heaven, & you are completed, seated, & undefeated, along with all of the children of the Lord, whether in Heaven or on Earth! Rejoice in the Lord daily, for His joy is your sustaining strength! You are full of eternal life, which can't be taken from you, nor can it be defeated! You are blessed to be a blessing, & you are highly favored! Rejoice!" 


Emmanuel Pius Ssentongo, Pastor,

Kingdom Ambassadors Church,

Kampala UGANDA, East Africa.    


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