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Dear  in Christ,

Greetings in the matchless name of Lord and  Saviour Jesus Christ.
we are seeing your website very useful our ministry

        Our ministry area is in Coimbatore the District Headquarter in Tamilnadu State . We are involved in various ministries. 

       We conduct personal prayer two days in a week.  Lot of people belonging to various religions participates in the meetings. Many were delivered from various problems through this ministry.
         This prayer meeting is conducted in a rental building.  Once a month we gather together and pray for the revival in India and the blessing of the people in our city- this is a fasting prayer. Many people participate for these prayers.  Many received miracle healings and deliverance from the clutches of demon. 
       Once in a month we conduct a fasting prayer in a auditorium.  Every week on Sundays evenings we have prayers for the people who were under the bondage of various problems (deliverance meetings).  Even the heathen people participate in these meetings. We have lot of testimonies.  We will share with you in the near future for the testimonies.
      Once a year by the grace of God we conduct a Deliverance festival (Crusade meetings) in a big open ground.  Thousands of people attend in the meetings.
We were invited to preach the gospel in many churches. We go by a team and conduct the meetings.
        These are the various kinds of ministries.  We trust in God and do the ministry.  We fully depend upon God and our ministry is a faith ministry..  God provides all our needs.
Please uphold our ministry in your prayers.  Please pray for our ministry. 
         May the Lord use you mightily in India and save a group of people through your ministry. We pray that God would use you ministry throughout world.  We uphold you, your family and the ministry in our prayers.  Kindly pray for us.

looking forward to hearing from you.
in His Vineyard

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