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Pastor Casissom - I have had one apostle and one prophet to come into my
ministry so that they could control and take over but the Lord gave this
ministry to me in the 1990's.  A man also prophesied to me with the
assistance of an elder of the church (Grace Church now West Oaks
Fellowship).  He prophesied that I would preach the word and I was in
disbelief until God sent an angel to tell me not long after.  Yes, it
has been a struggle but I still love this apostle and prophet and would
welcome them to come in and visit any time.  I have respect and love for
the call of God on their lives.  If God tells me to turn this ministry
over to a man  I would in a heart beat but as yet, He has not.

I went to a conference in 2008 put on by Prophetess Ida with Women Rise
Up Ministries.  She is being honored in the month of May this year.
Hoping I will attend.  At the conference last year , a man gave a
testimony about how he never believed in women preachers until he heard
one preach.  While she was preaching, the Spirit of the Lord came upon
him and said, "If I chose a woman to carry My Son into this world to
save this world, what makes you think I cannot chose one to speak for Me?"

Fivefold women are on the move.  The Lord told me that if any one
questions my authority to be a pastor I should give them Galatians,
Chapter 1:10-12.  He then said to me, "After you give them this word,
tell them I personally told you to give it to them."

A youth pastor's wife at my last church presented this scenario.

If your house was burning and the only one available to save your family
was one woman, what would you do?  Pastor Lisa McKellar.

Women have been in prayer and worship, on their knees romancing God for
years.  Prophesies have been coming forth from the Elijah list that this
year the fivefold women are coming out.  If you need me for anything at
all, please let me know.

Divinely Inspired
Pastor Regina
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