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Dearest Aunt Carolyn,,,,would love to be at this talk! how wonderful that you-all are addressing the issue, and not sweeping it under the carpet like many churches do,,,,,,I guess because my boys are adopted I have a strong opinion about abortion,,,,,,,,,,,,I know that there are so many young girls that are afraid and ashamed of getting pregnant(fear from parents, etc) that they would rather abort than let the child be adopted,,,there is a big shameful stigma with adoption,,,,,,they feel that with abortion, it is "OVER " with quickly, etc,,,,,,,,,,well, I can tell you, from talking to so many moms of different ages who had abortions, that is not the case,,,,,,,,it stays with you every single day of your life! that grief is so emcompassing that often these women, in trying to fill that void or pain, will attempt suicide, have mutlitple sex partners and /or marriage partners, heavily drink, etc,,,,,,,,,all ways to numb the pain of the abortion...........they may NOT realize this is what they are trying to numb, they  have ran from the pain for so long,,,, and then, abortions are typically secretive......which only leads to a shame base,,,,,,,,,,,Aunt Carolyn, the cycle is vicious and destructive,,,,,,,,,well, thank you all for doing this ministry of yours.


Boys and I are going camping with a church group this weekend, leaving in around an hour,,,,, it is in Va. , around 2 hours from here,,…. know that we pray for you all and love you,,,,,,,,,,hugs, Lisa
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