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Poem by: Bet Amante



Profit netting, quota getting, special formulas and plans

Magic keys, right recipes, God’s ideas or man’s?

Self defending, goal tending, calculating cool endeavor

Proper tools, rigid  rules, mind control, how clever!


Get it right, set your sight on perfection, nothing less.

Do it this way, just like I say, and I guarantee success.

Persevere, it’s simple dear, utilize your gifts and talents

Keep on climbing, watch your timing, careful now, maintain your balance.


Do your duty, see the beauty, in the thorns of every rose

What’s the purpose, ‘neath the surface? Pious nonsense, I suppose.

Religious voices, offer choices, yours they say to make

Others yell, you’ll go to hell, if their man made rules you break.


Old traditions, superstitions, scream defeat with every breath

Fists pounding, judgement sounding, scare the sinners half to death.

Secret locks, God in a box, some contend without a doubt

They maintain their hands contain the keys to let Him out.


Once saved always saved, disagreement, strong debate

Condemnation, lost salvation, denominational pearly gates

Silly fables, turning tables, neither one is right

On the level, of the devil, instigator of the fight.


Guilt, depression, soul confession, evil overcoming good

Never ending, sentence pending, amazing grace misunderstood

Sweet and sour, words empower, gossips carry tales

Self conviction, contradiction, love never fails.


Dogmatic mold, pigeon holed, obligation, mandatory

Lord, I quit! I just don’t fit into that category!

His restrictions, her predictions, accusations, repercussions

What to do? Don’t pursue argumentative discussions.


Wagging tongues, pride filled lungs, mouths that love to talk

Delight to feed on sacred seed, but do not walk the walk

Pointed fingers, sadness lingers, trying not to care

Loss of hope, how to cope, feelings of despair


 Dry bones, living stones, crushing one another

Pole vaulting, self-exalting, brother against brother

Where to go? I don’t know, unproductive, endless search

Universal, saint’s rehearsal, non-existent perfect church.


Days elapse, unstructured perhaps, no qualms, no quibbles, no quirks

With an attitude of gratitude, the prayer of  faith still works.

Assembly forsaken? Foundation shaken? Wrong! Guess again!

Bow your knee to the  Lord and His two-edged sword. You loose Devil! I win!

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