By: Bet Amante


A lifetime ago, at ten years old

I caught a glimpse of glory,

As I sat in a tiny white country church

And heard the gospel story.


How my young heart thrilled to hear

Of the Savior from Galilee,

Who was born in the manger of Bethlehem

And died to set me free.


I believed in the strong and humble man

And received Him as my Lord.

The carpenter who was God in man

I worshipped and adored.


But the heart and mind of a simple child

Uncluttered by pride and doubt,

Fell prey to the trappings of the world

As I learned what the world was about.


And so alas, in my early teens

I joined another crowd.

From the gentle shepherd, I turned away

To run with the rich and the proud.


Painful were the many years

That I spent away from my Lord,

As I struggled through the grief and tears

Loosing faith in treasures I had stored.


Faithful is the great shepherd

Who, whenever a lamb goes astray,

Will search for her to the ends of the earth,

And mercifully teach her to obey.


To follow the Master carefully

Trusting in His love and care,

As He leads His flock to green pastures

To drink from the still waters there.




He rescued me from the wilderness,

From the briars that entangled me there.

From the mouths of angry wolves,

And the tempter’s deadly snare.


He has given me joy in the morning

In my heart He has placed a new song

For His goodness and His tender mercies

Shall follow me all my life long.


I bow my knee to the Shepherd of love,

The Christ of the age old story.

For the great good news to all mankind

Is Jesus, the King of all glory.
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