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"Word Over Houston and Texas" from Sunday, 04/26/2009

~Below, please find a portion of the word I shared concerning Houston and the State of Texas on Sunday, April 26th of this year, during the 6PM service at The Little White Church in Katy, Texas.  The Little White Church is the meeting place of Eastgate Ministries, pastored by Apostle Carolyn Sissom, a mighty woman of God!  Please feel free to visit their website at, where you can download this message in its entirety.  Just click on the "Streaming Sermons" link and enter my name, John Sielski, in the search box.  Scroll through the pages until you find "04/27/2009", the date of posting. 

Oh there is change coming!  But the devil has perpetrated a counterfeit of it. And the true change is not going to be initiated, nor is it going to be authorized, nor is it going to be set in motion by a natural, physical government! That is a counterfeit of what the Church is now stepping into.  We are the ones who are going to bring true change.  Truth!   2009 is a year where our spirit man is going to come forth.  It's a year where... we are going to step into the release of the inheritance of the Father and the fathers.  We are going to take on a new form this year!  And I'm going to tell you something, as God is my Witness... your "turn-around", no matter what you are going through... your "turn-around" is just around... the corner!

When I came here, I was praying... now here we go again (God help me!) On the way to the airport, my wife was driving me down, and the skies were cloudy.  We had rain up in Pennsylvania, and as we got onto this certain section of the bypass, I have never seen it like this before.  The sky was black and in the direction that we were going, I saw the biggest, brightest shooting star I had ever seen before.  I've seen them before, but not like that!  And it was big.  And it just, whew!  And I thought I was seeing things, or there was a glare on my window.  And my wife said, "Did you see that?"  And I said, "The shooting star?"  She said, "Yeah...  I saw it, too..."

And the past couple days, praying about these meetings, I saw this... this "lone shooting star" coming out of Texas.  Because the nation's been fractured and it's been divided.  And it's not so much anymore (are you ready for this one?), and you can correct me if I'm wrong, jump on me if I'm wrong.  I have no problem with correction.  It's not been about "Democrat" and "Republican" (because... now...  I'm gonna, I'm gonna go really "over the line" here) because there ain't much difference anymore.  Is that okay?  It's not about that.  It's about people who are hungry (I'm talking saved and unsaved) who are hungry for what's right.  They're hungry for what's right.  I'm tired of being lied to, aren't you?  Now I'll forgive, but you know what?  Certain things are just "enough is enough".  It's like...  It just gets to the point where it's ridiculous and you see it and it's like, "Why do you want to keep pretending?"  See, it's not about "Democrat" or "Republican", it's not about "right" and "wrong", because there is not that much of a difference (anymore)...

I see a "lone star" shooting out of Texas.  And there's something that's going to come forth that is going to give the people of our country another choice.  Now watch this...  Please understand me.  I got to share this with you.  It's been burning in me for days.  This is not going to be about "shoving a religion down somebody's throat".  You know what it's going to be a return to?  The foundation of where we came from!  And we have been separated from it now for so long, we've forgotten what it is about and what it's like.  And see, the enemy has been working for harm and God's going to "turn it" for good.   I'm going to explain that in a second because there is a "wheel" that is now "rolling"...  And so what the enemy meant for harm, God is going to "turn" for good

And what's going to happen is the people of this nation (saved and unsaved, watch this...) they're going to get a "taste" of what the nation was originally about.  We've been so disconnected from it and isolated from it for so long, we've forgotten...  But the enemy meant it for harm to destroy it forever.  But what's going to happen is this...  We are going to have a renewed vision and a new understanding of what we've given up, why we've done it, and God's going to "bring this thing back" and "re"-present it to us, RE-PRESENT, re-"present", RE-PRESENT it to us in a way where we're actually going to fall in love with the standards and the laws and "the original intention" of what was here in the beginning, because right now there is not that option for people!

So, I see a "lone star" shooting out of Texas that's going to make the "original plan", the "original purpose" of the nation available once again to people who are now hungry for it and who, this time, will not compromise it again.  And I'm not saying to you that all is going to be well.  I'm not saying to you that there aren't going to be people who aren't going to go that way.  But I just see this fracture and split where we're nearly divided almost in half, but not quite, and there's going to be one other factor that plays into it... the people who are standing for what is right (in God's eyes) are also going to uphold, pray for, support, and have a burning heart's desire for the nation of Israel.

It ain't going to be about "Democrat" or "Republican"; it's going to be about "right" in God's eyes and what isn't.  And I just feel that coming.  And I saw this shooting star...  This morning before Brother Pool preached, I was in my hotel room praying, and God showed me the shooting star again as I was sitting in the room.  And this shooting star actually got to a certain height and exploded.  And I saw the "ground version" and I saw the version from up above.  And it exploded into the shape of a wheel.  And I saw Houston, and this place, in particular...  When we walked onto the grounds of this place, I felt the Presence.  It was unmistakable!  It was unmistakable...  It touched me, and it moved me.  I saw this being a "hub".  I saw it being a "hub" and the center of that explosion... the shooting star. 

And did you know that the name "Esther", in the Persian, means "star"?  It's a shooting star.  And do you know when Esther stood before the King to make intercession for her people?  The third day!  We are now in the third one-thousand year period since Jesus' death and resurrection.  We are living in a prophetic time frame of both third and seventh days.  And the Church is finally "finding her place".  And it's (her place is...) not out trying to work and manipulate through the "arm of the flesh", it's in the Father's Presence... in the Presence of our King, I should say... on our knees in intercession... in intercession... in intercession.  And it's going to be "yoke easy, and burden light", and it's going to be carried out by the Spirit, as we pray according to the Spirit.  And this is going to be a work of God; it is not going to be the work of Man.

And I see "spokes" coming out of that "hub" and connecting with these "little dots" that are like islands, off doing their own things.  And through intercession... and here's the thing... it's a "double-spoke"... through intercession and the building of relationships (not ministries, not churches, [but] RELATIONSHIPS) this thing is going to come together as a "wheel".  And that "wheel" is going to be joined with other wheels to chariots, and carts that are going to carry ABLAZE the Presence of God, the Fire of God, and the Glory of God FROM THIS REGION THROUGHOUT THE REST OF THE COUNTRY AND DOWN ITS CORRIDORS.  AND THE WORLD IS GOING TO WITNESS IT AND THEY'RE GOING TO TAKE NOTICE!..

But that's what I see.  Our place is in the place of intercession...  And just like the third day...  You have the Outer Court, you have the Holy Place, and then you have the Most Holy Place.  We could say it this way: faith, hope, love.  When I'm in the Outer Court, I'm praying for things.  When I'm in the Holy Place, I'm praying for myself.  When I finally enter into the Most Holy Place, I'm allowing the Spirit to pray His desires through me for other people, and I am stepping into the perfection... the perfection and maturity... of the Father's love.  'Cause I don't know about you...  I don't know if you ever realized this, or not...  But God dropped this on me awhile ago... 
1 Corinthians 13...  "When that which is perfect is come, then shall we know, as even we are known"
, is not for the "after-life".  It is not for the "after-life". 

Jesus said, "Be perfect, as your Father which is in heaven is perfect."  And what He described in that context is how God loves the just and the unjust, makes His rain and sun to shine and fall on the good and on the evil.  God excludes nobody outside of His circle of love.  And unless we are living in that Most Holy Place, we can't express and demonstrate that kind of love.  So when we become perfect, that love in us "comes full circle", meaning we love the Lord our God with all of our heart and strength.  The hidden commandment we miss... we love OURSELVES the way the Father loves us.  And then we're able to love one another and the world (with that same love we have for ourselves).  And that's in that Most Holy Place.  That's in that Most Holy Place...

That's the "30": the Outer Court.  The "60": the Holy Place.  The "100-fold": in the Most Holy Place...  You understand what I'm saying?  So, it's that idea.  We're in the Third Day.  We have a place in intercession; and within the confines of the Father's love only, do we find our true God-given authority.  Our authority is only found within the Father's love.  And it's about letting Him pray His desires, birth in us His desires, and pray for the people that He brings to our hearts.  And then reach out to them, not just with a "Chik-tract", or something like that, or some type of paraphernalia.  But reach out to them with the understanding of not having them "join a church", but to come into relationship with you;  because, if they don't like you, they ain't ever going to like Jesus...  If they don't like me, they are never going to like Jesus.  Does that make sense?  And this is where we're at.  (And) This is where God is bringing us

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