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*** "Word Over Texas, Part II" from Saturday, 07/11/2009 at the Little White Church in Katy, Texas during the "Big White Tent Revival in the Cow Pasture", hosted by Eastgate Ministries... Carolyn Sissom, Pastor.


*To hear this message in its entirety, please go to and click on "Streaming Sermons", then "Video Streams", then "Big White Tent", and then "John Sielski"... 


Proverbs 20: 26 (Amplified)
26 A wise king winnows out the wicked [from among the good] and brings the threshing wheel over them [to separate the chaff from among the grain].

How many of you all have ever heard of the phrase that you felt like you got hit by a truck and then it backed up over me?  That is what God is about to do to those who oppose Him.  They're going to feel like they got hit by a truck and backed up over.  Because out of Houston... now here we go... out of Houston there is a wheel that is turning.  There is wheel that is turning, turning, turning.  I am going to do my best to describe this, and what I'm seeing, and why I'm here, and what I want to share... what God wants me to share.  There is a wheel that is turning, turning, turning. And there is a revolution, a revolution, and a revolution that is coming out of, and from, Houston.  And God is drawing the line in the sand and He is asking the question, "Who is on My side?" 

Because as this wheel goes forth, He is going to turn it back upon the heads of those who oppose Him... not because He hates them, not because He is angry with them... but because, from this point forward, God is separating, dividing, and putting a greater difference between the holy and the profane.  You following me?  A greater difference between spirit and flesh.  A greater difference between those who call themselves by His Name, versus those whom He has called and placed His Name upon. There is a greater broadening and a widening of the chasm... the difference, the separation... between wheat and chaff, the corn and the husk, the wheat and the tares.  Wheat and tares almost look exactly identical until it is harvest time.  Then the wheat produce fruit and the tares don't.  This is where we are moving into.  There is a greater chasm.  It's not going...  It's going to be kind of like what Jesus said, "You are going to know them by their fruit", from this point forward.  Casual Christianity is just not going to cut it anymore. 

But, before we go shouting and getting excited about this, we need to see what our role and responsibility is in all of this that I'm saying.  Because, unknowingly and unaware in some cases, and in some areas, we may be... by ignorance, not stupidity, by ignorance-not knowing, on the wrong side of that line in the sand.  And what this revolution is going to be about... and the Lord was dealing with me about this ever since, oh a couple of weeks ago.  He's been showing me that the next move, the next "revival" if you want to call it that, is one of relationship.  A relationship revivalA relationship revival.  We, in general, get really excited about and caught up with (and we have very reason to...) signs, wonders, healings, miracles, demonstrations of the Spirit and power and might.  And I'm all for that.  But did you ever notice in the past as moves have come and gone, as revivals have come and gone, as things have escalated and then waned.  Has anybody ever wondered why it had to stop?  This is what I'm talking about.  We've missed the heart of what the Father is after and we have gotten caught up for too long now in the outward show.  There is a deep, profound, and inner healing in the heart and in the spirit of our beings that God wants to bring about so that what we have called a revival, what we have called a move, what we have called an outpouring in times past is no longer called any of it.  It's called the Church being the Church 24/7.  It's never going to wane.  It's not intended to wane.  God doesn't want it to wane.  He wants it to grow and burn so brightly, and to be so sustained, that it literally fills the entire earth with the knowledge of His glory as the waters cover the seas.  But that glory, that glory, is coming from the heart of the Father's love for humanity.  That's the glory of it.  It proceeds from the Father's love.  So there is a revival, yes there is a revolution, yes but it's one of relationship.  It's one of relationship.  And the purpose of relationship is fellowship, communion, and intimacy with the Father... 

...There is a wheel that is now rolling.  Say, "There is a wheel that is now rolling."  So, what the enemy meant for harm, watch... God is going to turn for good.  Remember what we said in Proverbs 20:26... He's going to roll over and back up again, and He's going to divide the wheat from the tares, the corn from the husks, the flesh from the spirit, the holy from the profane, and that which is evil is going to be called evil, and that which is good is going to be called good and right.  And I see the line being drawn from, through, and out of... Houston.

There's a wheel that is rolling.  It's like the sound of thunder.  There is a sound of thunder coming out of Houston... rumblings, rumblings of a different kind.  It's like my wife was telling me on the ride over here.  She said, "When you were younger, did you ever hear that when it was thundering, they would always tell you that the angels were bowling?"  And when they got a strike, there was lightning...  Right honey?  There's some bowling going on and there are some major pins that are about to get knocked down, that have been standing in the way, that have been standing in the way, in keeping certain things back from happening that are true, right, just, and holy...

(Reading from the previous word spoken over Houston on April 26, 2009...)  "So, I see a 'lone star' shooting out of Texas that's going to make the original plan, the original purpose of the nation available once again to people who are now hungry for it and who, this time, will not compromise it again.  And I'm not saying to you that all is going to be well.  I'm not saying to you that there aren't going to be people who aren't going to go that way.  But I just see this fracture and split where we're nearly divided almost in half, but not quite, and there's going to be one other factor that plays into it... the people who are standing for what is right (in God's eyes) are also going to uphold, pray for, support, and have a burning heart's desire for the nation of Israel." 

"But I just see this fracture and split where we're nearly divided almost in half, but not quite..."  When I said that... I remember when I was sharing in the Little White Church last time, the numbers 23/27 and 24/26 kept coming to me.  And it kept alternating... 23/27... 24/26.  And I'm thinking, "What in the world does that mean?"  It's like we're divided nearly almost in half, but not quite?  And there's going to be one other factor that plays into it, of course, with Israel.  And I said (to God), "What is this?"  I'll explain that to you in a second...

So I see a revolution taking place... a revolution (this is the end) a revolution, revolution, revolution.  It's coming from and out of Houston.  I also see Austin.  Anybody here from Austin?  Austin (pointing).  Austin is going to become a new kind of a capital to a new kind of a people.  I see angelic visitations multiplying all over Austin.  In the highways and byways I see an increase in angelic activity all around Austin... where it's going to be reported that people are seeing signs in the heavens and visitations from the angelic host in, around, over, and through, Austin.  It's going to become a new kind of a capital to a new kind of people.

The Lord's been dealing with me on three different cities when I got here, since I've been here, He's been dealing with me on three more cities.  The third city from previous is San Antonio.  Is there anybody here from San Antonio?  You are from San Antonio (pointing).  San Antonio is going to be known as the place of the abiding, residing fragrance of the Presence of the Rose of Sharon.  I see San Antonio becoming like a rose garden unto God with a fragrant effervescence that draws people into the region of San Antonio.   I see wells around San Antonio.  It's going to be a watering place for a lot of things, and these wagon wheels... this place is one and that place is one... wagon wheels, wheels with hubs of apostolic and prophetic government and authority.  There is a new apostolic and prophetic order and alignment that is now arising, and out of that hub of that alignment is going to proceed double-spokes that are connecting with people who are looking for what's real, and what's true, and from the heart of the Father.  Right now, their kind of out doing their own thing, but they're really not.  They're obeying Him.  There is coming a divine connection from this apostolic, prophetic hub that is going to start connecting those dots, and out of intercession and relationship-building... not church-building, church-growing, or political nonsense... intercession and relationship-building, I see San Antonio becoming one of those wagon wheels.  And it's going to be joined to other wagon wheels that's going to be mounted together with axels that's going to become part of fiery carts, that carry forth the Presence, the Fire, the Glory of God like a burning, fiery torch throughout the regions and corridors and down the regions and corridors of this nation. 

And I see Houston, and I see Austin, and I see San Antonio providing a tri-angular base of a new kind of a light-tower of hope that God is going to raise up and out of Texas.  The Lone-Star State is going to be a beacon, and a hope, and a shining light not only to this nation, but to the nations of the world... shall people come to this region, because right now God is turning the Bible-Belt of Texas, where the logos has been established (hear me) the logos of the Lord has been established here.  The logos of God has been established here.  The roots are thick and deep.  The foundation has been laid strong.  But God says to Texas... I AM now turning, turning, turning the logos into rhema... in Texas.

And the eyes of Fort-Worth and the eyes of Dallas shall look down from the north, and they shall come down and partake of and see and validate that which is going on here.  And they shall return to Fort- Worth and Dallas, and they shall be as look-out posts to the rest of the world.  And I see Denton, Texas also getting involved in this.  You are from Denton and you are from Denton (pointing).  You are not here by accident.  Denton, as well as Fort-Worth, as well as Dallas, shall serve as the beacon area of the light-tower of hope to this country and through the rest of the world.

Texas is always known as the Lone-Star State, but it is going to have a bright and shining star that shoots forth out of here, that is not just going to affect the spiritual climate of our country and around the world, but it's also going to change the political landscape of this nation, as well as challenge other nations to do the same.

And I'm going to throw one more thing in here that the Lord did release me to share...  I want you to pay attention... I don't know when... God has not given me a specific time frame about this.  I don't know why He hasn't.  But there is something about the Mississippi River.  I shared with you earlier... this is the unfinished business... thank you... the difference, the sliding back and forth between 24 and 26, 23 and 27... almost divided in half, but not quite.  You understand what I'm saying?  I shared that with you earlier?  This is what that means.  A few weeks ago, Kelly and I were in the office doing some computer work, and the Lord said to me, "I want you to punch up a map of the United States.  I want you to count how many states are east and west of the Mississippi."  So I did.  Guess what?  Including Alaska and Hawaii... 24 and 26, right now.  The "wild cards"...  The Mississippi borders 10 different states.  You know what the number 10 means.  It's significant.  We're coming up to 2010.  The Mississippi borders 10 different states.  The "wild card", where the Mississippi cuts states in half.  There's two states... one is Minnesota, and number two is Louisiana.  Divided in half, it becomes 23/27.

The Lord's doing something, and He's going to do something in the area of the Mississippi River.  And that which is on the west, where Austin is, is going to serve as a new region and a new domain.  I don't know why in the world I'm saying this.  I may never get invited back.  Or, if I'm just crazy, just tell me Lord.  But I see something west of the Mississippi being re-established, and Austin becoming a new kind of a capital of some kind to a new kind of a people.  And it's going to bring major change in the nation and around the world.  That's what I see.  Keep your eyes on the Mississippi, because in the place where the Mississippi originates, the source of it is Lake Itasca.  Lake Itasca in Minnesota.  Do you know what the name Itasca means?  It's Latin.  An explorer actually named it.  It means "the true head".  It means "the true head".  When we are rightly aligned with the True Head... there is coming, as a result of this shaking, a true alignment with and to the True Head.  The True Head.  Two Latin words... veritas caput.  Itasca was the name of the source of the Mississippi.  And if you don't know, the number "10" means law, government, restoration (remember the "turning back"), trial, testing.  It also means ten plagues, ten commandments, wilderness, and it also happens to relate to and with the pastor

The Mississippi is also known as the "Great" or "Big" River, and one Native American tribe actually renders the definition of Mississippi (are you ready for this?), the Mississippi River... "The Father of Waters".  It also means "the gathering in of all waters".  Keep your eyes on the Mississippi River in the days to come, and the shift.  Amen...

John & Kelly Sielski
Colossians 1: 25-29
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