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There was a girl, searching to and fro.  Her roots became dry and thirsty.  One Tuesday night she stumbled into a quaint little church in the middle of a cow pasture.  Her thoughts ran away with her, "What kind of church would be way out here in the middle of a city?"  When she stepped in the door the spirit of God fell up on her, "This is it", he Passionately expressed to her.   Her body became warm with multiple emotions thriving about her.  "Wow!" Her heart grew restless.   Months after that she continually attended this quaint little church.  Many struggles here and there, but who hasn't been there?  Each step she took was that of a Bride making her way to the alter towards the rest of her Life.  :) Much deliverance occurred in this very pasture.  Much Love was given from this quaint sort of people and their "sweet" messages.   She drove hours upon hours just to sit in the presence of Beauty every Sunday... This Girl Had a name, Katrina! I will never be able to get out the words of how Honored I am that God placed me in such a "quaint" Church.  When in fact there is nothing "quaint" about it.  I sit every Sunday in a room full of World Changers.  I am so honored to sit before each of you, that words can hardly explain it.   Thank you for giving me such a blessed weekend Birthday.  All of You have been etched within me.  I am so glad my roots are planted in such an Orchard with all the water and nourishment I could ever want.   Thank you for having my back and believing in the work of Jesus Christ through me.  I know I can and will do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens me.   Thank You for believing in me!  It means the world to me.... :D God is so AMAZING! :)   Here we go Lord!  Praise you Jesus for all of these Amazingly Beautiful People!  He gave me the best Birthday Gift ever, A Family in a Cow Pasture in a Not so Quaint Little Church.  Thank you Jesus! In His Fullness,Katie Katrina Elise Ruddick
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