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Dear Pastor Carolyn,

Gary and I made it home fine and were greeted at the door by our wonderful families overjoyed to have us home! We are so blessed. Thank you for your obedience to the Lord in your service and sacrifices to allow God to join us together year after year to touch His throne, receive His heart and hear His voice for the Body of Christ. I am blessed the more for our relationship in the Kingdom. Thank you for receiving me and the call upon my life as together we seek to prepare His bride for His return. I must say that this was indeed one of, if not the best tent meetings yet. The sovereign Spirit of God was truly among us. I believe it was but a glimpse of the glory the church will begin to see in these coming days.

Below is the Prophet Declaration I presented:


From drug lords and oil spills to natural disasters, the borders of this
nation are under siege as a result of the foolishness and arrogance of men.
God has removed His hand of grace to allow the arrogance of a government to
realize that it is not as sovereign as it continues to believe. With each
season a new catastrophe may befall the coastlines of America as yet another
nail is driven into her struggling economy. Yet, the people of God are not
to sit in disdain or demise but the intercession of the saints shall turn
back, change, renew, and restore the course of nature and the catastrophes
of men in demonstration of the glory of God's name and His Kingdom


A wise choice the leader of this nation makes to stand with Israel, yet as a
man who speaks out of both sides of his mouth. Economically independent
shall Israel be and so shall it be with the Body of Christ.


God is moving His people from the ridiculous, to the miraculous to the
wondrous manifestation of His glory throughout the nations. God will release
signs and wonders never seen of men for the drawing of the souls of men to
His glory. God's glorious church is growing and expanding like never before.
Now is the time, the time for the release of that which God has postured His
church in this hour. The church must possess directional clarity for the
coming days to make ready for the receiving of a great harvest that is soon
coming; for the hearts that are now longing and crying for a deliverer.


The church must no longer be distracted by the waves of cultural propaganda
disguised as either political or spiritual progressivism. The prophetic
voice of God
must be distinctive and clear to hearts of God's people. The
instruction and revelation of the Word of God has and will continue to make
clear the intent of God in every aspect of our lives and our nation.
is a season
of revelational release coming that will be unquestionably
history making in this generation. The instruction of God will be released
in clear, precise, sequential understanding and made manifest through the
obedience of His church. The days of obscure manifestations of His wondrous
presence are over. The eyes of the righteous and unrighteous will be opened
like never before. Wickedness will be exposed throughout the land and a
spirit as that of Josiah, Elijah, and Daniel will be released where
everything that has exalted itself above the sovereign name of God shall be
brought down. The altars of men, upon which the righteous foundations have
been sacrificed, shall be burned up. The sovereigns of the earth shall
shrivel at the name of the Lord God of Israel. God shall cause the dead
bones to walk and life shall be poured out upon the people of God in the
midst of the valleys. Erroneous, preconceived, and deceptive, self-centered
agendas of men posing as men and women of God shall be confronted and
integrity restored to the house of God.

There is a new rain coming. There is a new shaking and an awakening. There
shall be movements within the body of Christ that shall not be able to be
controlled by men nor turned into doctrines or established as monuments;
Movements of God that shall come as a flood in diverse forms,
manifestations, and locations throughout the earth. While coastlines are
under siege so shall the heart of the nation face hardship, yet the
righteous shall rejoice in the midst of it all as the rain of God's presence
becomes a daily encounter and expectation. Truly, those who have sown in
tears of intercession and clung to the uncompromising integrity of the Word
of Truth
, shall indeed reap with shouts of joy that shall thunder throughout
the nations. The ordinary of everyday shall become extraordinary encounters
with the visible representation of God in the lives of those who seek Him.
The dysfunctional shall be made functional, the broken restored, the hurting
made whole, and the lost shall be found. The army of God shall be
strengthened and function like a family once again. The trust of ministry
shall be restored as the agendas domineering, manipulating, church leaders
are quenched and the distractions of God's people are cast down. Many in the
church will try to hang on to the traditions created by the revelations of
yesterday, void of principle, void of relationship, and will try to maintain
their alliances with pagan authorities. They will try to sustain their
houses through the means of the unrighteous but shall fall short. Yet, there
shall be a remnant that hold fast to the integrity of the heart of God and
will not compromise. No longer need the people of God apologize for the
power of the Living God made manifest in the natural. God will reveal
unconventional means of provision that shall confound those who would be
skeptical. God will cause this scrap of people who stand firm in the faith
and hope to prosper, as God fuses together the prophetic breath of God with
the wisdom of God and manifest His ridiculous, miraculous, and wondrous
deeds to those who are not distracted by their needs but remain focused on
the will of God in each season, each day, each moment.

The prophets of God shall come seemingly out of the unknown. They shall not
seek a name for themselves nor heap riches unto their own bosoms but shall
bring increase to the Body of Christ. They shall declare the Word of the
from the most uncongenial places. No longer shall they be confined to
the pulpits but they shall declare the Word of the Lord from the roof tops,
from the highways and byways, in the city streets, and in the despicable
places. Signs and wonders will follow them and precede the great harvest
that is brooding even in this hour.

There shall be a clarification of the sacred and secular. That which is not
of God but has been made sacred shall be crushed and that which is sacred to
God shall be made new and surrendered to His will for His intent. The secret
of the expression "face to face," as God spoke to Moses, will be revealed to
His people through the grace of God as expressed to His bride. The
impression of glorious expectation shall be restored and remain throughout
the Body of Christ affecting a holy balance of bride and groom continuously
finding favor in one another's eyes. The favor of God shall be evident upon
those who are unwavering in the faith. It shall reflect the balance of
intimate covenant relationship and the law of God, making manifest the laws
of family purity. The ability of the souls of the family will be in proper
rhythm, in relation to one another, constantly augmenting the essence of the
covenant in relational obedience to the law of God as righteousness is
assimilated into the hearts of God's people a new.


As it is written, "From the uttermost part of the earth have we heard songs,
even glory to the righteous. But I said, My leanness, my leanness, woe unto
me! the treacherous dealers have dealt treacherously; yea, the treacherous
dealers have dealt very treacherously." (Isaiah 24:16) Like a bulldozer
clearing the land for new growth and development, removing everything above
the surface into a heap of rubble to be burned up, until all that remains is
rock solid and rich soil; so shall it be among the nations and in His
church. All natural and supernatural caps and thresholds are being removed
from the House of God and she shall be equipped for her task at hand.
Performance shall be replaced with a new passion; fluent revelational
knowledge shall be released like a new and second language that possess the
divine authority for the administration of the manifestations that will come
through the world wide wonders of God's hand; Wonders so great that the
minds of men could in no way manufacture, duplicate or dispel. The church
shall no longer be defined by what she does but by whom she belongs to.


Do not fear adversity but know that God Himself shall deliver you in His own
diverse ways. As it were a dream, in a moment, deliverance and inheritance
are yours. There shall be a release of the river of life to flow as a strong
current like never before in the worship of God's people to Him.


I see as it were two enormous doors made of pure gold. They are opened wide
at the voice of the Lord. There is a long isle extended to the very
of God
where He sits in all of His splendor. On either side of the isle are
the nations gathered before Him. In fear and trembling, with great and holy
reverence, yet in hope and courage of intimate relationship, a bride arrayed
in His glory approaches and cries out to him, "Let it rain! Let your glory
rain in all the earth once again!"


Pastor Marvin Barham

Victory Christian Fellowship International

"Ministry Family You Can Trust" 4416 MacArthur Dr. North Little Rock, AR 72118
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