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Subject: Eastgate Ministries - Little White Church: 2010 Tent Revival

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 I would like to thank and bless the family of God for your faithfulness of service to me and the Holy Spirit and Body of Christ last weekend. The Lord has touched my life and brought me to a new level of anointing that I Must share with you. I am a good friend of Cliff Cavin and have experience God's miraculous gift on him for 14 years, but I was set up this weekend for what was about to take place. I knew God was telling me to go to Katy so I obeyed and went even though my finances were questionable. When God says Go, He supplies the Dough! I left Lakehills with $40 in my pocket and came home with $40 in my pocket!Thank you sevants of God who heard His voice and were obediant to supply my needs according to His riches in Glory. I received more than I even know during the conference. I do know though,that during the session (I cant remember if it was Pat or Jill) that was ministering about Healing the Chief and the whole tribe got saved. God spoke to me that He sent the cheif of our community to our church 2 months ago. This man got saved in prison and has been free of drugs and alcohol for 3 years. He is related to and has favor by all the rebels in our community. So I invited him over to my house to watch the streaming of the conference. While we were sitting there the Lord showed me that his left knee was 2 inches shorter than his right. I asked him about it and he said 33 years ago when he was 17, he had a terrible motorcycle accident which shorten his leg. It caused many problems in his back and he said he probably needed a shoe with a 2 inch heal to fix it. I asked him if he thought Jesus could fix it and when he said yes I asked him to stick out his legs which when I touched his joints were at least an inch out. Jesus grew the leg out at that moment. He put his feet back on the ground and his knees were even. He thought the left was still a little lower,(because he was use to that for 33 years) but I told him they were even and he was healed. We continued to watch the stream of the conference for about 5 minutes and he looked down and saw that his knee was now higher than the other knee and gave glory to God. He kept saying I can't beleive it but I have to believe it! He then asked for prayer to be delivered from some demons which the Lord graciously took care of. I let him know what the Lord had told me about  him and the tribe, and he told me how much he loved the people of this community and how he often wondered how he could help them! We are so Blessed by the entire family of God @ the Little White Church inKaty,Tx.Please continue doing what God wants us all to do under this Open Heaven! Every one of you are such a witness of His Glory!Pastor Cliff Mallia
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