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Grace And Peace;


  From God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.  I want to give thanks to our Lord for the Eastgate Keepers (Rushing Wind) Young Adult Praise Band.  I want to thank Pastor Carolyn for giving her permission, and Robert and Sandy Steele for their help in making it possible for them to play for Shiloh Picnic.    I just want to tell everyone how excellent, and professional Eastgate Keepers (Rushing Wind) played, conducted themselves, and worship the Lord as the opening for  Shiloh 6.  They blessed the people that show up on time, and as the people that were arriving late ask:  Who is this praise band?  I was proud to say The Young Adults from Pasture of Little White Church.  I can’t articulate what they meant to me as I was coordinating the picnic and trying to give directions for those that we lost or on the way.   We had an excellent picnic and part of the reason is; God sent the Eastgate Keepers (Rushing Wind Band).   I would really appreciate if they could come back next year if the Lord wills. Grace and PeaceBro. Matthew
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