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> Sent: Wednesday, October 20, 2010 9:36 AM

> To: CAROLYN Sissom

> Subject: The Shack


> Just read your sermon including comments about "The Shack." It was so

> interesting to read what you had gained from the book, as I did also.

> One of the things that struck me most was when "Papa" explained that

> there had to be the three of them in the Godhead in order to create

> human beings that were capable of a relationship. Papa explained that

> if it had been a one-god who created, there would have been no

> possibility of fellowship or love possible because that  nature had

> to be born out of the Creator. That's quite a thought.


> I loved your comments about forgiveness regarding Osama Bin Laden and

> others like him.

> Jesus preached over and over that we should love our enemies. To most

> people that seems like ridiculous. But I have seen for a very long

> time that "In the same measure we mete, it shall be measured unto you

> again," and that if we can offer an enemy forgiveness and even love

> and respect, it will return to us from them. It has to. God's Word

> says it will!


> Twice now I have put this into practice regarding people I have

> worked with. People that have really been out to rub me up the wrong

> way and make life miserable.

> I put Jesus' principles to work: (1) "Pray for them that despitefully

> use you," not praying that they might act differently, but praying

> that they might see Him and turn to the Lord.

> And (2) Offer them respect and love.

> Both times it has worked. In one case the worker ultimately became a

> friend and supporter. In the other case God removed the person

> elsewhere.


> I have also noticed that forgiveness has a way of cleansing our

> thoughts. While we are hurting about something someone has done, it

> will keep coming up in our thinking again and again. I suppose that's

> why there are so many law suits every time there is an accident or

> something. People are trying to cleanse away the hurts.

> Once I declare them to be forgiven and really mean it, the hurt

> thoughts cease to come.

> Papa also pointed out that God forgives but does not forget, and He

> does not expect us to forget. Just forgive.

> I have said many times that preachers are wrong when they quote God

> as saying that He will forget our sins. God doesn't forget them, He

> said He will "remember them no more" which is a conscious act of

> constantly laying them aside, of determining that they will not be

> allowed to enter into the relationship.

> And I believe that's what He expects of us.


> Take care - and be blessed,

> Lyn

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