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Pastor Carolyn


I was so upset I didn't get to make it to church on Sunday.  I ended up having to work all day. 

I did however just finish watching the streaming online from Sunday morning. 

I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for Alan, and for the gift that God has bestowed upon our awesome church to have a streaming ministry.  I know a lot of people watch it in our own and other countries, but to be a member of such a house of priests, and watch the streaming from my own bed room and still feel the glory of the Lord rapture me...is an honor.  I pray that everyone who watches the streaming feels the same glory pouring into their rooms and houses all around the World. 

If you could pass this on to Alan I would be grateful. 

Thank You so much Alan for your time spent on the streaming ministry.  I appreiciate it so much.  You are greatly appreciated from me and I'm sure all over the world.  :)  I felt like I was at home tonight, and God visited me in my room.  :)  Thank You for all your hard work, dedication, and your beautiful time to help provide such a ministry. 

Pastor Carolyn...The message was amazing and something I needed to hear right now.  I'm glad I was able to watch it.  Thank You for not patching up our BOBO'S....I only want the truth and you gave me just what I needed to take another step!  :) 

I love you amazing people!

His girl,

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