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Sent: Wednesday, January 05, 2011 3:15 A

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Greetings In Jesus Name!

I visited your website and I am so much blessed,encouraged and uplifted by your teachings and the good work you are doing to advance the Kingdom of God here on earth.

My name is Brother Benard Omayio from Kenya East Africa.I am the founder and director of a small Bible study group currently of fifty brethren.We are looking for a ministry that is Biblical founded to join in so that we can receive mentoring and help us to have a deeper understanding of  word of God and to be established and empowered to serve in the ministry that the Lord has set us apart.

We do not have access to Bibles and Biblical materials.We only have two English Bibles we were blessed by a christian friend.

We are also carrying out out Bible study and fellowship under trees since we do not have funds to put up a tent of meeting.

Here in our area,many people are thirsity and hungry for the word of God.There are many places that have never been evangelized!

I did not write to you by accident! I have been praying for direction concerning my life and ministry during the past few Months.The Lord has directed me to you so that I together with the entire group be taught and mentored by your ministry leadership.I feel led by the Holy Spirit of God to supmit to your ministry.

Please pray for us.We have quiet a number of orphans under our care.Presently they do not have enough food and clothes.They are forty in number and they are living with me in my house.Members of our group contribute food for them but it is not enough.We are praying that the Lord give His faithful servants and well wishers our burden so that they can help us with food,clothes,shelter and education for this preciuos children.

I am sincerly requesting you to consider having a visitation unto our country to teach and minister here in our Country.I am personally praying for open heavens to be your portion as you prepare to come and I believe in God's  good timing,you will come to Kenya.I am personally getting too excited about your coming.

Hope to hearing from you soon.

Love of Christ and mine,

Brother Benard Omayio






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