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Hey Guys:
What an incredible trip thus far. We keep crossing off items on our "Things to do" list as the Lord has given us incredible favor. Thanks so much for covering us in prayer--but please keep it going! But first, a brief story on life in Asia right now...
We arrived in Delhi 1.5 days ago. Luke and I had a hankering for chicken, so we ordered Tandori chicken--a delicious, traditional Indian dish cooked in a clay oven called a Tandor.  We were told, "Sorry sir--no chicken. Bird flu."  Yup--bird chickens available.
We have met some incredible Indian borthers-in-Christ here in Hyderabad. They've got a vision to reach the 4,000 people groups in India that have yet to hear about Jesus for the first time. What's even more exciting was hearing their strategy to reach them. It was a joy to build relationships with these Christians and begin developing ways to partner with them to raise up, equip, and train the Indian church to reach their own people. "Tent making", micro-business training for the poor, sustainable agriculture, Bible training, discipleship training, evangelism...the whole kabob.
This is big time!  All 4 of us in the team have remarked at one time or another at how God has expanded our vision. It's exciting to be a part of such strategic planning for effective, practical evangelism. It'll take me some time to process all that we've seen and heard in Hyderabad. I'm eager to hear from God about my specific role in all of this--near-term and long-term future!!
Now on to Moossouri--referred to as "The Gateway to the Himalayas". We'll need continued prayer as we go to establish a Christian training center to train up local Christians to reach the Tibetan refugees in India and elsewhere in Nepal, Kashmir, and of course, Tibet. This leg of the trip will be particularly close to my heart. We'll of course need continued prayer covering for safety as we travel, and effectiveness in our work. I'll report again from the Himalayas--Lord willing and e-mail access allowing...
Andy A.  
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