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I read your sermon notes with interest.

I think the comment you made about God providing a supernatural 

supply for His elect in times of natural disaster is right on.

Back in the 70s, I was teaching at the time about the plagues in 

Egypt and had just zeroed in on the fact that the Israelites had 

light in their houses when all of Egypt was in total darkness.

We met in a small chapel way out in the country and the area was 

prone to power failures from time to time.

One night, during a chapel service, one of the congregation left to 

go to the bathroom. She came back and said everywhere was in 

darkness, no light.

But the chapel lights stayed on.

We investigated and the whole village was in darkness,  street lights 

and all, everywhere except the chapel lights.

We said some silly things at the time! The chapel lights were 

fluorescent ones and we said, "Maybe they got stuck!" So we turned 

them off and on again. They came back on.

It was a mystery, but we enjoyed it and went on with the service.

The next day, my husband, who was into doing electrical work, decided 

to climb up into the attic and investigate. When he came back down he 

had goose bumps! He said, "The power was off in the very line that 

came in to the lights." He could tell because it went also to the 

clock and the clock had stopped.

But the chapel lights had stayed on.

It could only have been a supernatural supply from God to meet our 

need in the chapel as we worshipped Him. And we never forgot our 

lesson in how God can meet the needs of His own.

I believe He will do this more and more, even as may disasters hit us.

We just have to trust Him,


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