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rom: Lyn Gitchel
Sent: Sunday, May 15, 2011 8:47 AM
Subject: Re: Light In The Lord


One thing you quoted in your sermon notes finally brought understanding to me about something that happened years ago.


You quoted

C. S. Lovett writes that the old nature does not inherit a place in heaven.  It drops off at physical death. 


When I was traveling fulltime in the ministry, doing seminars all over the country, a friend often traveled with me, She was gifted in song leading. 

She loved the Lord, but she was also a very negative person. She saw the bad rather than the good in everything.

Eventually she died. I was with her when it happened and while I was waiting in the hospital while they were trying to resuscitate her, God gave me a vision.

I saw her, after death, standing in a beautiful green pasture. She was smiling and happy, but she was very tiny. Only about 2 feet tall.

I said to her, "Why are you so tiny?"

She replied, "That's all that was left of me after I saw the Lord!"


Lyn Gitchel

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