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Sent: Monday, May 23, 2011 1:32 AM
To: East Gate Ministires
Subject: Re: East Gate Ministires - Scorn A Curse


Pastor Carolyn,

I have to share this with you.

I work in San Antonio. I am a computer programmer. You can see below that I received your email at 1154 am this past Thursday.

About 15 minutes prior to getting and reading your mail I was working with a co-worker of mine who is from India. I have worked with Ram for nearly 10 years. For nearly 10 years I become very frustrated and agitated with this man because he does such a poor job of explaining himself. I think he is trying to say "X" and start to converse that way, and then halfway into the conversation it seems like he is talking about "Y", and then after trying to get on the same page, it often turns out it really was about "X".

When he asks for my help, I usually put him off and say that I am busy (which is true), and will eventually, reluctantly, go help. Meanwhile, I will make myself immediately available to anyone else who needs my help--usually at the expense of getting my own work done.

Well this past Thursday turned out to be like the rest, and I know it is because I expected it to go that way. Well, before I left his desk I told him I was sorry for being so abrasive towards him. I told him that I was aware that I am not treating him properly and asked his forgiveness. He kind of blew it off, so I went through it again.

I walk back to my desk, and there is your email in my inbox that wasn't there when I left my desk. I started reading it and have to admit that I really didn't even know what scorn meant. Then when I read the word CONTEMPT, it all clicked! I immediately knew in my spirit that I have been having contempt toward Ram all this time! It was all I could do not to start sobbing at that instant and tried to stay composed in the office. As I read further your words about churlish, I readily identified with also exhibiting RUDENESS towards Ram.

I followed your advice to tear that wall down later after discussing the day's events with my wife.

I find it utterly amazing that these were notes of yours from TWENTY TWO YEARS AGO! And the Lord brought it to me IN THE VERY INSTANT when He knew I was humble enough to receive it. I praise Him and just wanted to thank you for following the prompting to send your message out.

In the meantime, I will be taking Ram to lunch today. Please pray for him, he is a Hindu.

Thank you!

Kevin McCabe
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