July 10, 2011 - Prior to Big White Tent Revival

The Lord says to you Pastor Carolyn:


Woman of God, you are chosen with a tenacious that says, "I am not going to relent," and that is the way the Lord brings your spirit into agreement with heaven's to kick devils out of your way, take new ground and release new anointings you can only do if you press into it during the battles!


You by all means are now ready for a Miracle Breakthrough to another level! Heaven is on your side, and no devil, no jezebel or any other weapon will stop this now! God is doing a NEW THING FOR YOU YOU NOW!

Be ready for the New Thing from God for you, as He is bringing it to you on a Golden Platter into your Tent of Meeting! Glory is going to surround your meeting, and many will fall out in the anointing before anything takes place! You will see people staggering in the Glory presence of God even in the parking lots! GLORY, GLORY, GLORY, GLORY, GLORY IS ON YOU!!  It will be like no other meeting you have ever had. The enemy has tried to stop this meeting, but God chose the right person to carry on with His Word, to release the Glory Oil of Presence that you have an authority to do from the wells you have come from. You are made for this moment! Bring them into the tent of Meeting, and experience the Glory Cloud of God's Shekinah Glory come in and all flesh and the enemy will move out! You are impacting LWC, the location, the region, the State of Texas and the Nation to be ready for a NEW DAY WITH GOD IN CONTROL! When you see this now know it is for now and for 2012 to change our nation back to the heart of our Father! You will be in the middle of this, because you have not denied His instructions and will indeed usher in a Glory that no human has ever experienced! In HIS Pressence is fullness of joy, at HIS right hand are pleasures forevermore! You are in HIS timing for a great GLORY outpouring that you have dreamed of all your life! You will see it, says the Lord!" [Prophetic Word to Pastor Carolyn Sissom, from John Mark Pool, July 9, 2011]


Be encouraged, the harder the battles, the greater the Authority You have to bring in His Presence!


It will be awesome!


Love in the Father,

John Mark Pool
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