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Yes and amen, Pastor Carolyn. Hunger for God and His righteousness is greatly increasing around the world. As ambassadors of Christ it is good to remember that it was the burning bush that caught Moses' attention, but it was the voice of God that gave him purpose, instruction and great grace upon his life. I wonder how many ministries there are today who have built an altar and worship at the First Church or  Synagogue of the "Burning Bush" rather than obeying God's instructions to set His people free? We all want to be shining lights, but the true light is Christ within us and that light cannot be duplicated or replicated. We have no light within ourselves, but simply earthen vessels who carry God's light of truth.

Your teaching at Tuesday Bible Study was highly anointed. I do believe that this life altering message will be used as a compass in the church. Those who are self seeking and desire the preeminence will not take the higher road but rather the more comfortable one which runs  parallel for a distance before it comes to a dead end at the city of Destruction.

Be blessed today, my friend,

In His Love, Bet Amante

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