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    Dear blessing  Carolyn Sissom,
Am so much happy again to inform you that i have started a teaching program to my brethren who i pastor,i will be teaching them all your teachings in series as you send them.As from last week i was been teaching them about:authority and submission to man as a curse and as from next week i will be teaching them on:how the word of the Lord tries us.(testified from ,the word of the Lord tried Joseph)
    It is a great blessing showing us the life of Joseph as (a shadow of Christ) teaching us on how the Lord makes us to pass through trials before we get great things(great blessings from Him) and this requires humility,patience,hope,faith,love and other fruits of the spirit.I kindly ask you to pray for me to do this with the leading of the Holy spirit, according to God's will and not mine.For better teachings as i wrote to you i kindly ask you to help us to get a laptop to keep records for easy teachings.
The grace of our Lord Jesus to you, Amen.
From Pastor Vincent and Alice Abuga from Kenya ,Africa.

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