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Brother Rankin answered the call to the ministry in 1956. He received the baptism of the Holy Spirit in 1960 and a special call into a prophetic ministry. From the beginning of his Spirit-filled walk God has used him to prophesy over his people. The revelation knowledge of God’s Word began to flow in his life in the first year he was filled with the spirit. In 1964 the lord spoke to him and said, “Write unto My people the things which I have revealed to you.” Within that same year someone gave him a portable typewriter and he was able to purchase a hand operated and hand fed mimeograph machine. 

In 1967 the Charismatics movement began to explode in the land. Just a small explosion in the beginning but God spoke to brother and to resign from the church where he was the pastor in Houston, Texas and go to the people that would be accepting this new movement. They continued to live in Houston, Texas and Brother Rankin would go forth into the many states of these United States ministering and prophesying to God’s people. In December of 1974, at the command of their lord, Brother and Sister Rankin moved with their children to San Antonio, Texas, from their ministry offices they have been pastors to God’s people not only in San Antonio but many countries of the World.


In his more than 50 years in the ministry Pastor Rankin has been pastor in churches in Portland, Oregon, Houston, Texas, and San Antonio, Texas.  He has traveled and ministered in almost every area of the United States with the exception of Hawaii.


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