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Prophetic Word Spoken by Prophet Teale

July 12th, 2012 at The Master's Gateway

Milano, TX



Dear Carolyn, 


The following was a Word given while at the Master's Gateway on July 12th.  

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Roger E. Teale   



The Word of The Lord given by Prophet Roger Teale 

at THE MASTER'S Gateway Church  

Milano, TX  

July 12, 2012



Even The Lord would say unto thee this night; You have heard My Voice and the voice of another. You have heard My Voice, saith The Lord, thru the voice of another. And even as he hath spoken, saith The Lord, did he not declare his own mind also? That when he spake, he spake of that which he knew, and that which he hath experienced, and that which he hath said. But surely my children, know this, this night, that I will speak to you personally. Whereby it shall not be the voice of another, but it shall be My Voice that thou shall hear and thou shall know. Whereby I shall speak unto thee tenderly and graciously. For yea, with a love that thou knowest not there shall be a sign within thee that it is Me. For thou shall feel My love in a way that thou hast never known before. It is not the love that thou dost feel in thine emotion. It is not the love that thou dost comprehend with thy mind. It is a love that I have for thy soul. Therefore, thy very soul shall feel my love for thee as a warmth, as an oil, as a balm that shall sooth thy soul. And thy soul shall be dispelled of its fears. For thy mind shall have no fear. And there will be no torment in thy conscience of that which should be ahead of thee that thou wilt not be protected. For as thou dost belong to Me, surely saith The Lord, I shall indeed bear thee up. For I will carry thee, saith the Lord. Where ever so I would have thee to be I will move thee. For My Spirit, like the wind that bloweth, shall breathe upon thy living body to cause thy soul to rise with strength and energy that thou hast never had before. Therefore, thy life, within thy veins, thy blood, thy nervous system, thine intellect, thy muscles, thy bowels, thy bones, shall receive devine strength and you shall be strong. There will be no weakness. There will be no infirmity. The plague shall not touch thee. The darkness shall not overwhelm thee. The grips of death and terror shall not torment thee. For the mantle is a covering upon thee of My angelic presence that protects Mine own. That I may bring into my house, as I have accordingly done, which I have prepared. Therefore, the days that are ahead of thee are in Mine hands. They are not to do with thee. Therefore, look not for the record or for a time. But you shall know. For thou shall hear the sound. Thou shall hear the sound in thy soul and thy spirit will be revived. Whereby thy strength of thine in a man shall cause thee to be as I am, even now. For I am thy health, thy strength, and thy righteousness. I am your King, and you are my children.   





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 (Mat 10:41 KJV)  He that receiveth a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophet's reward; and he that receiveth a righteous man in the name of a righteous man shall receive a righteous man's reward.




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