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Dear Pastor Carolyn:



Here is a Word the Lord gave me for you today:


The Lord says to you, "You are secure in My Election as you are indeed My Children of Promise having walked into deeper Maturity knowing the price and paying Full Count by faith in My Word! You will lead many who are "nay-sayers"  and "spiritual drifters" to come back to their roots in a pasture that has become a Highway of Holiness! Yes, my people are lacking for the fullness of measure of My Vision and you will indeed open the portals of heaven to offer them a new day, a new way that will complete for them a much needed spiritual Growth Cycle! You are now in the Land of Plenty and the Father says to you Pastor Carolyn, 'You are My Daughter in whom I AM well Pleased!' I see the Little White Church becoming God's Big White Church outpouring that will never end! Get ready for the Move of God to be tangibly seen and felt in the new Location, with the Hosts of Heaven encamped round about you to guard the rare blessings of residing now in a continuous Glory Presence Cloud over your new Location!" Amen! Glory be to God!

[Given by John Mark Pool to Pastor Carolyn and the Little White Church in Katy, TX September 1, 2012]

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