Every year at this time, like you, I go through the process of taking down the Christmas decorations.  I accumulate lovely Christmas memorabilia each December.  This collection comes out of the tissue the week after Thanksgiving with good memories of the people who have been in my life.  As you would expect, the collection is excessive (smile).


However, normally by the week after New Year’s Day I am ready to put all the decorations away and clean house.  It is not that way this year.  I am finding I don’t want to take down the decorations.  Perhaps the memories of fellowship with family and friends were too sweet this year to wrap in tissue and put in a box until next year.


As with the process of life, 2012 had its share of challenges.  However, without the challenges, there is no progress of “going forward” into the new day of each New Year.


At the birth and ministry of Jesus, it was a “New Day” for the entire world.  The temple sacrifices, feast days, and worship ended after the once- for-all sacrifice of the Lamb of God.


As I was packing away the sweet memories and memorabilia of Christmas 2012, I asked the Lord why I was so reluctant to have the beautiful ornaments go into the boxes.  It is my nature to hold “things” and “people” loosely.  This was out-of-character for me.


I “felt” but did not “hear” that we are again coming into a “New Day” in the Lord.  If we will seek after Him, walk in the Holy Sprit and follow His way, there is a “New Day” more majestic, powerful, supernatural and challenging than we have experienced heretofore.


Thank you for being in my life, each of my friends and family are like those beautiful ornaments, but not wrapped in tissue.  Each of you are on display all year long.


Carolyn Sissom, Pastor

Eastgate Ministries, Inc
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