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March 9, 2013

Reverend Marvin Barham

Transcription of audio sent to Pastor Carolyn of prophecy given to Marvin Barham for Little White Church.


That which was unseen shall be seen.  That which was unknown shall be revealed.  That which was unheard, those who could not hear shall hear, as if they have always heard.  They shall hear.  They shall hear new and that which was shaken shall be restored.  And where the shadow had cast the light shall push it back and redeem that which was cast away.  The leaves have fallen but they will bloom again and roots have grown but the Lord directs the direction.  He knows the direction of them all.  For even now as the roots grow for that which he has established, He know the direction though you cannot even see.  You cannot see what is growing, where or how it grows, but the Lord knows and He shall establish firm and shall reach out beyond where you imagined and the root shall reach further and the fruit shall follow the root for it shall reach the fruit of that which He has established shall reach out and bring increase and where seeds have been planted and seeds have gone in the ground they shall break forth in new life for God does a new thing.  God does a new thing.  And Little Bo Peep lost some of her sheep and did not know where to find them.  Leave them alone and they will come home dragging their tails behind them.  God will renew and restore and heal, and establish that which He will establish in the heart and in the home, says the Lord.
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