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 From: Tony Allgood 
Sent: Sunday, March 24, 2013 7:36 AM
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Subject: Eastgate Ministries - Little White Church: encouragement

Tony Allgood- prophecy to Carolyn Sissom


My dear sister in the Lord, Greetings to you in the wonderful name of Jesus, I am a pastor of 20+ yrs. in TN. Somehow in the course of study I came upon your website some months back ( I know it was by devine design) In the months to follow I would read your sermons that most definately came from the heart of a warrior. I did feel overwhelmed by the Holy Ghost in my spirit this Sunday morn 3/24/13 unction me to write you a line and encourage you to continue to fight the good fight.I will not be lengthy but precise and to the point. THANK YOU and the Spirit in you that is an obvious seeker and dweller of His divine presence. People thet live in the presence of God are most recognizable by their thoughts that become speech from their heart for God, you are one of those that stand out in the arena of the household of faith. This email is from a total stranger to your flesh man but from a kindred spirit in the eternal realm. Although I sense the battle proven warrior through your chosen words, even warriors get weary on the battle front. As time goes forward in these last days so does the intense pressure on the seasoned soldier to press into the realm of His presence by intercession prayer. Your labor is not in vain and you cannot know in this flesh realm we live the impact you have and are now making to the kingdom of hell & to the kingdom darkness. Your light exposes the darkness that it cannot prevail with any impact, it humiliates the haters of God and haters of light and disarms them from accomplishing the task given to them by satan. You are fighting spirits that mankind has not dealt with since time began, they are spirits loosed only in the last days before the true Light appears. We are preparing for a change from the powers that be to the Kingdom soon coming and the King that will rule on His throne our KING. This is the hardest of all struggles since time began given only to those God Himself can trust with such a monumental task. With that struggle comes a new anointing never posessed either, to!

  complete the tranfer of power from the natural to the divine. You will experience not only a fresh anointing to encourage you in this present battle and warfare but a new anointing to press into heavenly realms forbidden to man, most secret & guarded by the hosts of heaven with flaming swords. This is no surprise prophesy to you my sister as God himself has told to prepare for this realm many weeks back, it is only a confirmation that there are countless other provokers and divine instigators of God's presence breaking into an unchartered realms of God's divine presence. Not just soldiers but warriors who will fight till they win or fight till they die. Get ready for a tsunami of God's eternal light to break into your morning. Lastly remember you have been espoused to one, Jesus Christ the righteous, your heavenly husband loves the intimacy with Him and is jealous for you His bride. He says I was the closest when you were the loneliest, have you not known my revelation knowledge in abundance when you thought you were lonely? YHWH

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