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 ISAIAH -Chapter 20 - see Chapter 21

Tuesday, November 12, 2013, the Year of Our Lord

We included this chapter with the teaching on Chapter 21, due to the brevity of the message. Also, see chapters 18 (Ethiopia) and 19 (Egypt).

 Chapter 20 is described as the burden of Egypt and Ethiopia.  This is the 22nd prophecy in Isaiah and was fulfilled in 701 B.C.


The purpose of Chapter 20 is to warn Israel not to depend upon Egypt and Ethiopia for assistance against the king of Assyria, but to trust in God as the only source of help.  Assyria had already conquered Syria and Ephraim and had taken Philistia so was now ready to come against Judah (2 Ki. 16:5-18:37).


God made Isaiah a sign and a wonder to his people by his walking among them for 3-years naked and barefooted.  He was not nude; he simply laid aside his prophetic garment, but still had on a linen ephod.  Just as David took off his royal robes to dance before the Lord, Isaiah took off his outer robe which was evidently sackcloth of coarse goat hair.  The prophets wore rough clothing as their prophetic garments.


Peter put off his outer garment so that he could fish (Jn. 21:7).

Tartan was one of the generals of Assyria

Sargon was the father of Sennacherib.  Sargon means “sun prince”.


20:6 the inhabitants of the isle refers to Palestine on the Mediterranean.  Now is the time to draw back and be wise; once Egypt is defeated, her allies in Palestine will have no hope of escaping from Assyrian vengeance.


The three chapters relating to Egypt end on a note which reveals clearly where the prophet’s emphasis lies; it is not the face of Egypt, but the fateful choice of Judah which is uppermost in his mind.


Carolyn Sissom, Pastor

Eastgate Ministries, Inc. 

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