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Prophecy for Church from: Pastor Roxanne Alexander Print E-mail

From: Roxanne Alexander 
Sent: Wednesday, January 29, 2014 3:20 PM
Subject: a word from the Lord


Hello Pastor,

I have been praying for you and your wonderful people.  The Lord gave me a word for you.

"This church will see clear manifestation of their " joint- heir-ship" this year and the following year. 

I will give them preferential treatment like never before. I will raise them up as a spiritual edifice in the area and beyond. Unexpected blessings as well as answered faith filled prayers will manifest on the scene.

Make room, make room, for in the spring much shall bloom. What was harnessed and held back will break free and go forth. There is great advancement in the kingdom.  Great strides.   You shall live from the finished work. YOU shall experience great liberty.

As the coat of many colors distinguished the favor, wisdom and call on Joseph, so I will surround you with my glory.  There will be those who will go from the pit to the palace very quickly. They will lie down in the pit but wake up on a privileged pillow.They will go to bed in debt and wake up debt free. They shall lie down in pain but wake up in divine health.  Expect this. Put your faith on this word.  For I the Lord will not relent.  I will have my children whole in every area and I will get the glory ! You will rise up and become a kingdom culture that many will want to join in. You are a pleasant flowing river filled with glorious activities. People laugh and play all along your river!

I love you Pastor Carolyn.  YOU are a trusted friend and a blessing!  Have a great year!

Pastor Roxanne 

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