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Prophecy for Eastgate from Rene Parault 12/7/03 Print E-mail


Given through Rene Parault at Katy, Texas in a Little 100-year-old white church in the middle of pastureland surrounded by the Metropolis of Houston- 12/7/03.




Yea I would say in this very place, in this very place right now, to know that thou art surrounded by many who have exalted themselves and have lifted their towers and said, "This is the Lord."  But I would say Nay, it is not the Lord.  I call my own to worship Me in Spirit and in Truth.  My ancient paths have been there forever, but they have been torn apart and weeds have grown up and My people have lost the way.  But I say that thou would know that I seek far and wide saith the Lord. I will have a people that shall worship Me and their hearts shall be contrite unto Me and their hands clean as I desire a people that shall know Me and fellowship and know Me as I know them and so it shall be. 

 I shall have a people in this very place, in this small church I have set thee as a sign  - as a sign to all those that surround thee, as a burning fire around thee, but thou has a responsibility.  Thou must begin to intercede and pray for the enemy would want to snatch and stamp out what I desire to do.  But My people, and I call thee My people by My name, saith the Lord, to pray and to intercede and I would say surely the Spirit of intercession is falling.  It has begun to fall, the Spirit of intercession it shall be the intercession and prayer that shall ward off the enemy in this very day. ! Pray for the ones that own this very land, pray for those that have invested much in this land, for it is their heritage on this land, for there are wells on this land and I am unstopping the wells.  There are wells I am unstopping that thou would know the Lord is about to move, for this move of My anointing that is coming forth shall by-pass the high and the mighty, it shall by-pass those that have exalted themselves against My name.  It shall by-pass those that have made themselves rich in abundance of riches calling themselves by My Name. (Ministry, leaders etc.) This move shall come among those who are small and have stayed in the background willing to eat of humble bread.  My Spirit is moving and I shall rise up a beacon, saith the Lord.  Many shall come and they shall stand in those pastures, they shall stand in the grass and they shall stand among the animals (cows) and they shall worship the Lord.  What I am about to do shall not be done in the big edifices of gold and silver and towers of ivory.  It shall be done where I have my voice heard, and speak where I can speak and have my own way and so it shall be.

 I am beginning with the small things even as I did with My Son (born in a manger).  It shall be new beginnings and small things shall I move upon saith the Lord.

 Oh Houston, surely I am going to bring down the towers (religion) that have been raised up and I speak unto thy sister Ft. Worth, I speak unto thy sister Dallas, I speak unto thy sister Corpus Christi.  I am going to bring down the high towers. (Religious operations and programs). It has begun.

 That thou wouldest know in this day, the beginnings of this year, 2004 by thy own standard, thy calendar not mine but thine, that thou would understand it is the time and season for those to come forth, the small and insignificant, not small in My sight, but in the sight of those that call themselves My family but live far beyond what I desire, for they live in their own strength and their own understanding and their own wisdom and their own counsels.  Let the rain fall upon the little ones, my small ones, let the rain fall upon my lambs yea!  Let the rain fall upon My shepherds that have no great names Oh no, and have tendered the little ones and have prayed and sought My face, not exalting themselves nor calling themselves by great names.  They have loved Me with their heart, mind and soul.  My own shall I not rain upon them at this time?  But I speak unto thee Oh sister cities, thou has rejected the prophets of Mine, thou has rejected the apostles and I say I sent them season upon season to declare My Word so a new season has come that thou wouldest know that judgment is falling upon the religious that have called themselves by My Name.

 But would I not raise up that which I desire in this new season of time which is Holiness and Purity for it belongs to Me and it is Mine.  Amen! (Rene Parault – Son Rise Minsitries)


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