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In Honor of Major General Harold Green

Pastor Carolyn Sissom

August 7, 2014



This morning I watched as the casket of Major General Harold Green arrived at Dover Air-force Base and his body was transferred to a truck.  When the officer closed the door of the truck, there was a visible cloud of glory following the casket.  As the officer closed the first door, the cloud of glory remained visible until the second door was shut.


If we compare the honor the Netherland government gave to their citizens of Malaysia flight 17, and the reception our government gave to an assassinated general, it is heart breaking.  Yet the God of Glory showed up to escort his body. I saw the Glory Cloud!


As Americans, we are hurt, angry, even outraged at the weakness of the Obama Administration.  We can cry and repent for this nation.  Certainly that is needful!


 However, I am persuaded, the Lord God who holds the heart of kings in his hand, has caused Obama and the leaders of the administration to be impotent.  As Obama cowers and retreats in the face of world aggression, I believe the result will be the Lord revealing Himself resulting in Israel rising up as the one anointed to lead in this escalating world war.  The Lord God is the one who gives power to leaders.  Obama is not anointed, nor does he have the empowerment of Heaven to lead. 


As the Lord is gathering all things unto himself, man will not usurp the Glory of the King of Kings and the Commander and Chief of the Armies of Heaven.


Last night at prayer, I saw a “mystery” leader arising in the Middle-East between the north/east boundary of Iraq and the north/west boundary of Iran .  This leader whether a man or a power-group is in alignment with Putin.  His agenda is to take over the Hashemite Kingdom of the Muslim world and what is known at the Levant region which includes Israel .   His arm extends into Gaza and Syria .  When he is strong enough and amassed his army using the Muslim Brotherhood (financed by the U.S.A. ), he will then push back against Putin.


Obama has been rendered impotent by the Lord God Almighty!


What is the position of the church in this hour?  Let us ride with Jesus and the armies of heaven as He gathers all things unto himself.  In the face of persecution and tribulation, the people of the earth will cry out to God for a deliverer.  Many false-christs, false prophets and false teachers will arise.  Surely the Lord will endue the church with power that we may bring in the Harvest; and the separation of the sheep nations and goat nations will become evident. 


Arise and shine Church----do not operate in fear, but in faith.


In the story of Samson, 3000 of his cowardly countrymen went to him and asked him to surrender to the Philistines because they were afraid.  Let us not be among those 3000 on the day we stand before Christ.  Samson was the deliverer raised up anointed and endued with power to deliver the people of God.  Jesus Christ is our deliverer, let us be found standing with Him. 


Carolyn Sissom, Pastor

Eastgate Ministries, Inc.

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