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Sweet Carolyn, I myself have given you a have accepted it with a great sense of responsibility.  I have been faithful and so have you.   You have chosen to be faithful in this present season to call forth the church to repentance upon that platform.....

I shall increase your seeing, your discernment and your sensitivity.  As you call the church out of the world system it will be as though you will see every situation and the circumstance with each person that steps upon that platform as though seeing both sides of a COIN.....both heads and tails at once.   There will be many who come there that come because I have led their path will have to see with my vision to understand the impartation for repentance and it's resultant life that is planted with their souls, hearts and you listen you will hear the very sound of the threshing floor.   Many will leave and few will see the seed I have planted...but you will have the ability to see the planting of the seed.    Guard the seed.   I am accounting it to have broken many glass ceilings and now your ceiling shall become the threshing floor for many ahead.    The very act of stepping upon that FLOOR shall cause many to resonate in a new way.   They will not understand it in many ways, but as they go forward they will not be able to let go  .... of me.....and the way I capture them upon that threshing floor......You often say you can not sing......but I have molded you into a song.....your very presence will release my will cause many to resonate....with my heart and my song......many eagles will look back and realize that they began a new flight from the platform I have entrusted to you....from there they shall turn and face the adverse wind....climb above the snake line and FLY, FLY, FLY.....

Open your heart wider that ever to me...I am beginning to blow upon the embers of your heart.   In the days past many came to watch you they shall leave with a bit of the embers and the fires shall spread...I will burn brighter and hotter...I will enlarge the capacity of your heart to contain the fire of my love inside.....REST....Rest for I shall take you to places in the spirit that you have not been before......

Will you come with me?

I am the love ....I am yours and you are mine.


March 9, 2008

Prophecy given by:  Jamar McClanahan
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