October 22, 2015, the Year of Our Lord


Carolyn Anne Venable is presently serving the Lord as praise and worship leader of Eastgate Ministries Church.  This is an excerpt from a book she wrote as she has been recovering from a stroke on May 22, 2015.  Carolyn lost her voice and speech abilities.  Our church has been given the honor of watching her as she recovers her musical gift and calling.  Not only is she recovering, but she accepted the challenge in the midst of her disability to lead the praise and worship for our church.  In her weakness, she followed in the very big footsteps of Rev. Robert Steele, who resigned due to personal reasons.  I salute Carolyn’s courage and humility.  I am humbled by the purity of her child like faith and love.


Honored to be called her Pastor,

Carolyn Sissom


By: Rev. Carolyn Anne Venable


I was sick and getting sicker.   On May 22, 2015, it culminated in a stroke.   Thankfully, my husband was home.   It could’ve been that he was at the office that day, but I wanted to go to the emergency room due to my illness.   I got out of the shower, and then it hit.  I had the stroke.


Being at the hospital seven days, there was plenty of opportunity to do a thoughtful contemplation.  I really wondered what was going on.   I didn’t hear the LORD.  I wondered why I didn’t hear the LORD.   Day after day in the hospital, I lay and I didn’t hear the His voice to me.  


But His Holy Spirit in me, rose up and I prayed in the Spirit.   Now, that was something!   The Holy Spirit prayed through me.   It was an awesome moment, awesome in that I could barely speak.   When you have a stroke, you don’t talk.   My natural language, though I could think straight, was not coming out.   Yet, I could pray in ever-flowing tongues.     This was marvelous to me.   


The speech did not affect, for the most part, my singing.   I came home and started to play the piano and sing, a little rough at first.     


But I was back in the hospital within a week, not a stroke, but the other incident that led me into the stroke.   I had a condition known as ulcerative colitis.    They once again told me, because I have had this happen before ten years earlier, that I would have to have my large intestines taken out.  That didn’t happen, praise God!  


My prognosis was to see if medicines could alleviate my condition.   After six days in the hospital, I was home with a ton of prescriptions to take.   


I finally discovered what was the source of my gastrointestinal problems.    I had chewed gum almost every day that includes sorbitol, a known irritant to gastrointestinal problems.   Sorbitol doesn’t digest properly.   


My recuperative time were days of singing to the Lord and reading portions of Scripture.   Then I heard from Him.  I was about to close the piano and go.   But I heard the Holy Spirit saying to write a song.   


“This is my song to you.  And you will sing it before crowds of people.  Yet I will come to you and sing it personally.  This is my song to you.” 


I sat down and immediately wrote, “I have loved you.  I have loved you with an everlasting love.”   Ah, sweetness!   God was speaking His love for me!  “With an everlasting love”!   Oh, the joy of that moment!


A month later of my last hospital stay, on July 5th, 2015, I was back to lead worship at church---a little hesitant, but they prayed for me and I made it through.   


It amazed the people that I could lead worship at our annual conference in July.   If you were in a real lengthy discussion with me, I was a little less than coherent, but that was not the point.  I was there.  At the end of the conference, I played my song, “I Have Loved You”. 


God allowed this.   He did it to prove that the devil is a liar.   I was supposed to have started full-time as music minister in the beginning of June.   I couldn’t.   But I was determined to play because that is my calling.  I started a little late … but with God on time!  God was just going to show what He could do with me.   To God be the glory!   


God allowed this.   God used this to show me how much my husband loved me.    He really did! My husband struggled almost to the point of exhaustion through my weeks of illness, visiting me at the hospital, taking my medication, and with a job to boot.  I cried with tears of joy, the many times I thought of it after.   


The love of Christ was extended to me.   My husband and all my children were there.  My sister and her clan came in from California.  My church was there, some ministers of the Lord, and even some people I didn’t see often were there.


“God allowed this,” a prophet of God told me.   “You have not cursed God.”  And I hadn’t.  


The attack of the enemy came.   But my sweet husband really, really loving me was a greater joy!   That joy far out weighed the pain it took.   If you wait towards the end, God always brings forth the JOY of victory.

“I Have Loved You”


I have loved you; I have loved you

With an everlasting love

I have loved you; I have loved you

With an everlasting love


I have saved you; I have saved you

With an everlasting love

I have saved you; I have saved you

With an everlasting love


Who can separate us from the love of Christ!

Who can keep us apart?

Who can separate us from the love of Christ!

Yes, you have stolen my heart!


I have loved you; I have loved you

With an everlasting love

I have loved you; I have loved you

With an everlasting love


The breadth, length, height and depth beyond conception

Of the love lavished on us

To know the love of Christ that exceeds perception, 

His love so boundless!  His love so boundless!

His love so boundless!


I have loved you; I have loved you

With an everlasting love

I have loved you; I have loved you

With an everlasting love


Many waters cannot quench love, 

Neither floods drown it, too.

Christ gave Himself up, up for love, 

A fragrant offering, a sacrifice  … for you.


And I love you!  And I love you!  And I love you! And I love you!

7/10/15  (C) HIM.CAVenable

Carolyn Anne Venable
aka "Granny Vee"


His Inheritance Ministries

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