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Beautiful!  Love how wood comes from "trees" that have been "slain" or "cut down".  And reminds me of Rev. 7 where the 5th Angel (initial, True Grace - company) ascends ("come up here") and then descends with "a little book that is open" in Rev. 10.  The genuine love of God (Lamb) is perfected, or brought to maturity, in them (severing them from "the earth"-identity); thereby giving them the authority of the Lion:-).  Carolyn, most people who have become caught up in this "grace movement" are mistaking "Uncircumcision" for True Grace.  "They" are using it to serve themselves, rather than serve one another by love; all the while claiming, "God loves ME, no matter what."  But this isn't True Grace.  It is "Uncircumcision", and part of still remaining under the influence of the spirit of Moses' Law.  Much love and blessings!  Beautiful writing and crystal-clear picture of all that is going on, today.  Sincerely, ~J&K