Tayo Fasan - Feast of Tabernacles



Good day Pst. Carolyn

I woke up at about 10pm out time here, and recall asking the Lord to judiciously use the next couple of hours - though I didn't know what I would do, either study, pray or listen to a ministration. 

But by reading this message which I hope to read again and again, I can say i got my prayers answered. This was a peculiar and timely blessing for me - as would be for many others I believe.

Many thanks for these labours of Love on your part. Ma, like Rev. Kay once said, "its very rare to see vessels partake of both rains - like we say in the early apostles". The Lord counted you worthy of such and we rejoice such such tidings of good and glad things.

Many thanks once again. I would use the next few hours to read other outstanding mails from you.

From a dear son always...

Tayo Fasan