Kerry McMahon - Little White Church
Image may contain: cloud, sky, outdoor and natureKerry McMahon Yes.
A place of beauty
A place of many beginnings
A place of foundations laid
A symbol of the power of the past.
A place where God changed something that was dormant to something that bloomed and bore fruit.
A quiet place that God raised up a mighty prophetic voice.
A birthing place
A symbol of a beginning but not the end.
When i see this place, I see you Sister CarolynSissom. I see you as you were, a mother of many. However when i look upon you now I still see a mother bringing forth many new births, but the tried and true general that has waged war on the enemy stands tall and clear ready to demonstrate with power and authority what God has spoken over her and the region (Houston) that he gave her. Press on,press on woman of God for your sword is sharp and your eye is keen, your hearing does not falter, for there is land to conquer and many victories ahead. Press on! Press on!