Third Day Church


THIRD DAY:  This is the term used to describe the revealed Jesus Christ in an individual or body of people.  "Christ in us the Hope of Glory",  "Until we all come into the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God, unto a perfect man, unto the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ."  Jesus rose on the "third day" in resurrection power.  He will rise again in the hearts of the Elect and reveal the Glory of God to the whole earth. "God willing let us go on to perfection" (Heb. 6:1)

Yes, being born-again and receiving the Holy Spirit is Christ in us is our Hope of Glory.  When we are "in Him", then we are living, moving and having our being in the Glory. Our Hope then becoms a certainity.

 Faith is a Fact.  Hope is a Certainity. Love is a reality.  


Carolyn Sissom, Pastor

Eastgate Ministries, Inc.



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 I have revealed to you the mysteries for an hour such as this. Yes this is the Prophetic Third Day, a Third Millennium that has begun since I walked upon the earth. Two Thousand years have passed and a New Day has arrived, it is the Third Day! In this Prophetic Third Day there are pearls of great price that have been revealed and given to those who have sought me and to those whom I have chosen to reveal the DAY. These are my pioneers in the earth who are willing to leave behind the comforts of established religious cultures and ideas. These are they who have been touched by my Spirit in their innermost beings and have been stirred with a holy passion to pursue that which no man has seen. I have opened the gates into the City and these have entered in by faith and have seen things that kings and Prophets have yearned and longed to see. But I have revealed them to babes! I have done this because of the innocence of their hearts and their love for me.

These Third Day Pioneers have not been chosen by men and therefore cannot be restrained or stopped by men! For I have chosen them and I will bring them forth into their High Places, their eternal destinies. These pioneers shall be the SUPER HEROES in this hour as they will have the ability to guide many into safe habitations. A WAY will be revealed to them and those who have ears to hear will follow. My voice shall be heard in them that I have chosen to lead my people into the everlasting Kingdom. My Kingdom is a present reality that dwells in the spirit of them who have received it by faith. This Kingdom is not a matter of meat and drink, but of RIGHTEOUSNESS, JOY AND PEACE IN THE HOLY SPIRIT! Yes those who have received my Spirit have received MY KINGDOM! This Kingdom is working itself out from the heart of men into the earth and is swallowing up all other kingdoms. This Kingdom is an everlasting Kingdom that is making war against all the cities of the earth and is determined to overthrow the nations. Again, my KINGDOM is RIGHTEOUSNESS, JOY AND PEACE, IN THE HOLY SPIRIT!

The THIRD DAY message that has sounded forth through my pioneering Prophets has circled the earth and their voice shall become clearer and clearer as each moment passes by. Their words shall resound throughout all the earth until what I have commissioned in them to speak is abundantly clear and that is that I will have a GLORIOUS CHURCH WITHOUT SPOT OR WRINKLE, IN WHOM IS NO BLEMISH! This THIRD DAY CHURCH is seated with me in heavenly places and has been equipped with divine authority because she has come into the Holy of Holies representing the THIRD FEAST, THE FEAST OF TABERNACLES and has received my Favor and the weapon of divine authority for the pulling down of every stronghold. This vibrant Church shall release revival in the land and shall come forth in resurrection power destroying and executing final judgment upon all the nations of the earth who will not bow the knee before my Throne of Power. This glorious Church shall ascend to heights beyond the second dimension and shall pass into the Third heaven from which they shall reign down fire upon every enemy; For this right have all the saints who are called by my name and have clothed themselves with MY RIGHTEOUSNESS! Yes this glorious THIRD DAY CHURCH will have PUT ON the robes of RIGHTEOUSNESS and will have made herself ready for my appearing! This Glorious Church shall sit with me in my throne as a Queen sits with her King and shall exercise all the rights and abilities of my own.

I would remind you of the mysteries of the SEVENTH DAY! This DAY is a DAY of rest, completion, restoration and a FINISHED WORK! In this DAY my Glorious Church shall rest from all fleshly activities and shall exercise dominion without effort! There shall be no more fleshly or soulical activity in the things that belong to me but a glorious Bride who has come to the full knowledge of who I Am and who they are in me and will sit upon thrones judging the nations. Yes, I would remind you that this SEVENTH DAY will usher in the Kingdom in FINALITY and will cause to cease the activities of Satan the great adversary for One Thousand Years, (ONE DAY). A time of rest and peace shall abound in the earth and a glorious work shall be done. Rest and Peace shall be found in a people whom have believed the report I have sent to My Church. They shall walk in divine authority and shall be immersed in supernatural power. They shall cast out devils, they shall raise the dead, they shall heal the sick, they shall walk upon the waters, be translated from one place to the next, contend with Scribes, Pharisees and Hypocrites and GLORIFY MY NAME! By their works you shall know them! By their fruits shall you know them! By their LOVE you shall know them! Yes, this SEVENTH DAY CHURCH shall PROPHESY as did Enoch, who was the SEVENTH from ADAM. So this SEVENTH DAY CHURCH shall prophesy of those who are ungodly and of those who are righteous. Their words will cause the ground to shake! Their words will cause leanness and sickness to enter into the bellies of the rebellious! Yes, even their words shall cause the righteous to flee in to the arms of their Father with greater tenacity. The hypocrites shall cringe and call for the rocks to fall upon them. Those who have abused my beautiful ones shall bow at their feet and beg their forgiveness for their harsh speeches against them. My glorious Church in the SEVENTH DAY shall be ONE and there shall be no schism or division among them or within them. Again, you shall know them by their WORKS, FRUIT and LOVE!

I would remind you that these two numbers THREE and SEVEN equal TEN! Ten is the number of REDEMPTION! My redemptive powers are at full force among those who believe. This redemptive power consists of final deliverance! For the word itself speaks of a MELTING AWAY, DISSOLVING and BREAKING THE YOKE! Yes this DAY OF REDEMPTION will release and deliver my Glorious Church from all curses, all bondage and all limitations! There will no longer be a slave mentality among my people for they shall walk in absolute and total victory! There shall no longer be a curse of generations upon my people for the redemption I have released in them shall cause all curses to dissolve under the mighty power of my redemption! There shall be no strange thing upon my beloved bride for she shall walk free and be completely loosed from sickness, disease and death! Yes my Church shall not taste death! DO YOU BELIEVE THIS? The full weight of my death upon the cross and my ascension to the throne is now being released within the Body of My love. This redemption through my Blood is melting away the wax of coldness and the deafness in the ears of my people. They shall hear my voice and flee in its direction!

These are the things I would remind you of this DAY and I would call you to give attention to these things, for they are true and they will last, for My words shall NEVER pass away! Shake yourselves from lethargy and arise upon your feet and stand erect allowing your lights to burn brightly at this time.