Fire in the Streets of England

I had spent many years ministering throughout the UK when I had this experience. One night after a service three other ministers and I went to a downtown restaurant to get something to eat. It was about 11 PM when we arrived at the restaurant. As soon as I stepped out of the car the power of God hit me so hard that I was hanging on to the car door with both hands to keep from falling. The open vision that I was having was so overwhelming that I still fill the effects of it to this day.

What I saw in the vision was a low grade fire about eighteen high covering the streets. It not only covered all of the streets but it also went over the tops of parked cars and onto the sidewalks. I was so weakened by what I saw that I could do nothing but hang on to the car door.

I asked the Lord what this meant and He told me that His next move was coming from the streets. The low grade fire represented the young people as well as the growing number of those who felt they were misfits to the organized church. The Lord also told me that the greatest enemy to this ‘fire movement’ would be the organized church because they could not understand it or control it. The Lord then told me that He was the one leading this movement and not man.

In the past God has always used man to lead his people but not in this case.

I said Lord, “What about me?” (meaning those like me who have believed and worked all our lives for such a move). I felt the Lord immediately respond by saying that my (our) part would be that of being the banks on this ‘River of fire move’. I understood that to mean our part would be that of encouraging.

Shortly after that vision while I was flying out of England I heard the Lord say, “Do not come back until I do a new thing”. I knew exactly what He meant because the new thing was going to be the fire in the streets.

I waited year after year for the Lord to speak to me and finally fifteen years later while flying out of Budapest the Lord said, “I release you to go back to England ”. My heart almost stopped beating because I knew this was the season that the fire of revival was going to come to the streets of England .

It was a year ago when the Lord spoke to me and I have been going back and forth to England proclaiming the vision of the ‘fire in the streets’

John Dean

Elijah International Ministries

San Antonio, Texas