Lavonne Chandler to: Carolyn Sissom


 Prophecy given to Pastor Carolyn Sissom by: Pastor Lavonne Chandler, 11/10/12, the Year of Our Lord, at Celebration of Life Prayer Conference.

Pastor Carolyn

From this day forward you are going to be aware of the things of God.  I see an angel.  That angel follows you everywhere you go.  You are going to be ascending and descending with the angels—come on up here in the spirit.  And the Lord says I am sending you down and you will be giving and giving what joy it is to  give to the poor and to give to my people, to give to them the wisdom of the Lord.  The Lord says you are now in a new dimension.  Take my hand I am about to escort you on a journey.  You are my General and all you did is just obey.  More and more and more are coming.  Many people have been in your life in the past and have left you.   It is now a season for bringing them back.  I am bringing the children back.  I am bringing your sons and daughters back.  You are the General in leadership.  I thank you for the opportunity—the heavenly portal is open.  Lord I thank you for the shift of transferring the wealth.  I  thank you that the shift of wealth is  now.  I told you it was not over.  It is not what is in your bank account now.  But church watch and see the vault of heaven has been opened over you.  Your light and momentary affliction is but for a moment.  The Lord says others would have not been able to walk through this affliction you have been walking through.  The Lord says you have achieved an authority to lead the army in the Name of Jesus.  Kiss her Jesus.  Everywhere she goes, fire breaks out.  They say everywhere she goes she is crazy, she is wild, she has the fire of the Lord. 

Pastor Lavonne Chandler