Marvin Barham - You Made the Front Page

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Sent: Thursday, October 24, 2013 4:46 PM
Subject: Re: LWC: You made the front page


Awesome! I am praying God will give you great favor. The Spirit of The Lord says that He is awakening your identity to the full stature of His destiny for you. He is making known your divine identity to the city and beyond. The borders of the pasture shall be a host for the light but shall not contain it. You are not a forgotten town but a city on a hill that shall break forth and be known as that explosive people of supernatural power. There are those whom you do not and will not know who are and will stand with you wherever you set your feet. For what God has designed in His architectural blueprints is a family, a field, and a building of a people; a preparing of a Bride that grows and brings increase as God is the increase. This is a season of intimacy with the Father. And from the seeds of deep intimacy with the Spirit shall He bring forth the fruit of the pasture even in the seasons where things are transformed and fall away. Even in this day shall you reap from fields you did not sow and build where others would not. The day of exportation is coming where you will send forth the increase into other fields and the return will be greater than that which was sent to be sown. You will export the gifts, the callings, the power, the anointings that God has placed in your hand and rebuild and restore the ruined and fallen places of the House of The Lord. Prepare for rain.

Marvin Barham, D. Min

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