Apostle Samson Rajkumar

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Sent: Wednesday, February 19, 2014 6:53 PM
Subject: Re: vultures circling


Dear Pastor Carolyn,


Trust all is well and hope you are enjoying the blessings of God. We are praying for you and the widows in India also praying for you and for church. God will not allow your steps to be moved.all things working together for the good. Something supernatural is taking place in your ministry and your church. What you are going tru right now it is not for your detrimental. It is for developing something  extraordinary God is doing. You are doing a great work and you have sown seeds and now is the due time for your harvest. We love you, we are standing with you in faith for breakthrough. You know that you always have a place to bring your church to worship. Our church facility is always open for you. I have busy traveling and this weekend I will be ministering in Fredricksburg. Next Monday I fly to Switzerland and the week after to India. Please pray for me. 





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